Mum-of-three reveals she had over 200 stitches after giving birth to huge 11lb baby & even the midwife was shocked | The Sun

A mum-of-three has told how she needed "200 stitches inside and out" after the birth of her third baby who was born weighing a whopping 11lbs.

Danielle Lincoln shared a video and explained how she still experiences flashbacks about the day she gave birth to her son, who she was in labour with for 24 hours.

In the clip posted to TikTok, she says: 'Gave birth at 42 weeks to a toddler the same length as the hospital crib, a head the size of my hand and a double chin."

The UK-based mum, who is 5ft 1in tall, goes on to explain how herfirst two babies, both girls, weighed 6lbs 6oz and 7lbs 5oz "and still got stuck."

She notes that she was informed at her 40-week scan that her third baby was going to be slightly bigger than her previous, with doctors estimating he'd arrive weighing around 8lbs 12oz.

However, nothing could've prepared Danielle or the midwife for the reality that was to come…


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"I almost bled out and they damaged his collar bone the poor baby could only have his head one way for months," she explains.

"My legs and hips and other things have never been right, if there had been communication I'd have had c section at 40 weeks."

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The mum-of-three posted another video a year later and can be seen reenacting the role of the midwife during the birth of her giant baby.

Holding a doll wrapped up like a newborn, Danielle comments: “POV: the midwife when I just had my almost 11lb baby."

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She can then be heard lip syncing to a popular audio clip from Finding Nemo.

Holding up a fairly small ring to signify how far she had to dilate, she says: “Saw the whole thing.

"First we were all like whoa!”

Holding up a larger ring, she continues: “Then we were all like WHOA!”

Finally, she holds up a huge bowl to indicate how far she had to dilate to get the baby out and quips: “Then you were all like WHOOOOA!"

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 86k views and several comments from shocked social media users.

"Not even a lie, my first was 10lbs 14oz and we could not get a second alone. I felt like a circus performer!" wrote one.

A second penned: "This was also me! The midwives kept putting my daughter on and off the scales thinking they were broken! Never again."

A third commented: "My son was born at 38 weeks and was 4.4 kilos (naturally) so dread to think what he would have been if he was 40 weeks or more."

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