Mrs Hinch fans share genius hack to get rid of those pesky furniture marks on carpets – and it won't cost you a penny | The Sun

IF you’ve had a piece of furniture in one place for a long time, it’s only natural that it will leave marks on the carpet when you eventually move it.

But how do you get to the bottom of the annoying home problem and remove the little indents for good? 

Many people have tried and tested different methods over the years, but now diehard Mrs Hinch fans have had their say. 

One woman found herself in the exact property predicament when she bought a new sofa.

However, she was still reminded of the old one every day as the grey carpet in her living room was covered in little round furniture marks. 

At her whits end, she appealed to a Facebook group dedicated to Mrs Hinch fans cleaning hacks and tricks and asked for their advice.

Alongside a snap showing what she was dealing with, she wrote: “Hi, does anyone have any hacks for getting furniture pressure marks off a carpet.

“Got a new sofa with legs now and marks from the old sofa are annoying me.”

Almost immediately, fans of Mrs Hinch – whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe – came running to the rescue, as they typed their tips on the social media post.

And one was repeated more than most – and the best news is it’s so easy and doesn’t cost a thing.

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One person suggested: “Sit ice cubes on them and let them melt.

“Then hoover when it’s dry.”

A second was in agreement, as they added: “Leave an ice cube on every mark.

“As it melts, the carpet springs back.” 

Elsewhere, a third social media user echoed their thoughts, as they put their support behind the nifty trick.

They said: “Another one for ice cubes.”

And another person put forward a piece of advice they’d heard, which was very similar as it concerned water.

They said: “Damp towel over the marks, then iron.”

This comes after Mrs Hinch fans also recently shared tips on how to banish grim mould from tile grout with a 5p trick.

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