Let's Make Rachel Green's "Apartment Pants" a Real Thing

Let’s Make Rachel Green’s “Apartment Pants” a Real Thing

One of my favorite scenes from Friends is when Ross and Phoebe try to cover for Rachel’s sister Jill after she has a shopping spree. They tell Rachel that they went shopping, not Jill, and show her what they “bought.” Phoebe pulls out what Jill calls “Don’t you want to rent me this apartment pants”, but just calls them “apartment pants.” Rachel pretends that she’s heard of them and ends up taking the purchase for herself.

So sure, apartment pants are totally made up, but I want to make them a real thing. Pants you exclusively wear inside your home? I’m totally into it. Besides, they’re more relevant than ever now that we’re all social distancing indoors. I’m defining them as an elevated pair of loungewear pants that are a little nicer than your baggiest sweats, but much more comfortable than trousers.

So now that we’ve got that taken care of, let’s shop some apartment pants! Rachel would totally approve.

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