Khloé Kardashian Says She's 'Loving' Her Long Brunette Hair in Glittering Birthday Photos

A few days before her birthday, Khloé set the record straight about her ever-changing hair color, responding to a fan account that posted a poll asking Twitter users to choose between “blonde Khloé” and “brunette Khloé.”

"My heart is with blonde. But sometimes a girl just needs to change,” Khloé' tweeted. “I’ll always go back to blonde I just think I need a little something different right now.”

And when one fan asked how the Revenge Body star keeps up with the high maintenance routine of bleaching naturally dark brown hair, Khloé' admitted, “it’s so f****** annoying!”

“That’s why [in] quarantine I just couldn’t keep up with it,” she wrote. “I said f*** it I’m just gonna go dark.”

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