I’ve spent £15k on lavish birthday parties for my girl, 7 – including glitter sprayed ponies and hand-picked princesses – The Sun

A SINGLE mum revealed she’s spent nearly £15,000 on her daughter’s birthday parties – with each one costing a staggering £3,000.

Mum Liyah London, 33, from Croydon, south London, starts planning for Skylar-Rose’s November birthday as early as February the same year.

For each do, Skylar-Rose – who is seven – gets a personalised dress announcing her name and age.

At her last party she accessorised with Fendi tights, sporting the famous logo, and £225 Balenciaga trainers.

At her second party her mum organised a cowboy-themed do, where a pony with glitter-painted hooves impressed attendees.

“We decide on a theme the winter before,” Liyah revealed.

“However, it is subject to slight change depending on her continuing interests and what movies and TV shows come out.”

Then, throughout the year, Liyah preps for her little girl’s big day – picking up treats, booking a venue and arranging entertainment.

In total around 45 children attend, bringing their parents too for an event that lasts four hours and is the highlight of Liyah and Skylar-Rose’s year.

“I know it is a lot of money,” admitted Liyah, who by her own admission “isn’t a millionaire but loves spending her money on Skylar-Rose”.

“But she really loves it. One year she went to a little birthday party at her school pal’s house after class where they had a small party tea and played a few games and after that she said she would like that.

“I asked her if she was sure, but as her birthday came closer she changed her mind and decided she actually fancied a bouncy castle and the whole works.”

At Skylar-Rose’s most recent party the theme was Princess Tiana from 2009 Disney film The Princess and the Frog.

“We had a two-tier cake, personalised cupcakes and more,” her mum admitted.

“The cake costs around £200. I get it from the same bakery every year and I trust them completely.
“It was gold and green and very dramatic.”

The stage was set to a similarly dramatic backdrop with Skylar-Rose’s name lit up in four foot tall lights, decorated with butterflies and flowers.

“I run an entertainment company and am a professional party planner and Skylar-Rose has seen other people – at weddings and so on – have these and loved them.

“You pay by the letter so they cost around £300.”

The youngster also had special food.

“Normally she has popcorn and candyfloss, that is pretty basic for children’s parties, but I fancied something different so organised a hotdog station.

“There was also a waffle cart where you could choose your own topping – such as crushed Oreos – and a burgers and fries station.”

In total the food cost £500 as there were professional caterers.

Historically Liyah has held her daughter’s parties in a nightclub but this year organised it in a hall, as her previous venue of choice had changed hands.

There was also a £100 bouncy castle and a wildlife display.

“To fit in with The Princess and the Frog theme I wanted animals, so organised for a reptile display,” she explained.

“I really wanted a picture of Skylar-Rose in her pretty dress holding a frog – but even touching the African frog’s skin would injure the frog.

“However, overall the reptiles were brilliant. Everyone loved them.”

Liyah admitted it took weeks to plan the party – not least because everything had to be perfect.

She always gets her daughter a £50 customised dress which says her name and age for the big day.

“She also wore Fendi tights and £225 Balaengia trainers,” her mum said.

Liyah also organises for Skylar-Rose’s favourite princesses to turn up.

“But I want them to actually look like them, so I insist on seeing headshots,” she explained.

“This year the agency didn’t have a Princess Tiana on their books, but they sourced one for £200 and she was great.”

At her third birthday, a Wild West-themed do, Liyah arranged for a rodeo bull, a pony with glittery hooves and a cowboy-themed bouncy castle.

When Skylar-Rose turned four, she threw her a jungle-themed bash in a nightclub, arranging for a DJ, two two-tiered cakes, huge animal balloons, face painters and gold party favours.

For her fifth birthday, the schoolgirl went for a Little Mermaid-themed party, where guests were treated to gem makeovers, a chocolate fountain, candyfloss and popcorn machines and games put on by a specially hired host and DJ.

Liyah admitted that some people might think her daughter’s parties were over-the-top but said she hoped not.

“She’s got a great little group of friends at school and I wouldn’t want any other parent to think I was showing off.

“I just really love spoiling her. She wears designer clothes and she’s starting a YouTube channel soon.

“I really wanted a little girl – I was desperate for one – and I loved TV shows like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding growing up.

“I just love the glamour of it all.”

She also admitted her business might have given her a warped idea of what is deemed over-the-top when it comes to kids’ parties.

“I host parties in Chelsea where the gift table is just filled with Harrods and Selfridges bags. The children are dressed head-to-toe in designer clothes.

“The very minimum the party will have is a bouncy castle, popcorn stand and two-tier cake.

“So maybe I am a bit blase about it.

“But it is my money and I just want her to be happy.”

Visit Skylar-Rose's YouTube channel, My Stylish Life, at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmp7Q8UEPPbk9H2oOgO1fJA

And visit Liyah's party company at https://www.instagram.com/once_upon_a_party_events/

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