Interior designer slams ‘cringey’ home decorations that are so overused… but you can style them to be less tacky | The Sun

AN INTERIOR designer has shared how he would style some of the cringiest home decorations he has ever seen. 

The home décor fan said cringy items are so common that even he has had to come up with ways to style them. 

Phoenix Gray also known as the ‘Design Daddy’ shared his tips in a TikTok video online. 

He said: “These are some of the cringiest and overused home discord items you will see all over social media. As an interior designer I even have some of these so let's style them.”

First Phoenix shared how he would style the Tom Ford Book. 

He said: “Every Instagram girly in 2007 had one of these  And they are so overhyped but honestly the fabric coffee table books in black and white although they are very overused go with absolutely everything.”

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He added: “They do no wrong when it comes to coffee table books. I'm always stacking them because I like creating that extra little level of height that plays within the space.”

Phoenix said you can’t go wrong placing this in a stack of books on your coffee table.

He said: “Anyways but this is how I styled larger format books like this I always stack so I ended up using it as the base to begin with. I have other coffee table books already set up.”

The next item that Phoenix is sick of seeing is the Hermes Avalon Blanket. 

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He said: “It’s loved by interior designers when it comes to styling every room that you can imagine. Once again this blanket has been so overused and over hyped that you either love it or you hate it.”

But Phoenix argues the tones in the blanket make it pretty easy to work with. 


He said: “One of the great things about this slinky is that it is dual toned so you have two different colorways to style it in different rooms.”

“The typical way of styling it is that multifold that works really well. You just divide it into two. It gives you that really nice formal place look that you can really throw anywhere.”

Phoenix places the blanket over his blue ottoman seats. 

He said: “I usually do it just at the end of my ottoman like this to give that nice little fluff that adds a little bit of colour but also extra height and dimension and then depending on the mood of the style.”

“If I need to actually use those ottomans it works great as just throwing them on the couch even on the top with a throw pillow.”

The interiors designers video racked up over 61,000 views and people were sharing their own cringy decor pet peeves. 

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One user said: “My cringiest is karate chopped pillows.”

Another said: “I hate the Versace and McQueen books.”

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