Inside Zara McDermott’s fitness regime that got her amazing revenge body (and pizza & wine are allowed)

ZARA McDermott has been showing off the jaw-dropping results of her three stone weight loss on Instagram.

The 23-year-old stunner revealed she has been on a fitness journey over the past 17 months and is now making “healthier choices” – but what is her regime?

At 5ft 6ins, Zara has gone from weighing 10st 7lbs at a size ten in July 2019 to nearing 7st 7lbs after dropping to a size 6.

But she admits that despite being proud of her accomplishments, she's faced cruel "skinny-shaming" online.

Zara’s stunning photos and transformation have come as she’s tried (successfully) to win back ex Sam Thompson, after cheating on him last year.

But how does the former Love Islander star stay fit and healthy?

Trains five times a week

Zara enlisted the help of Chris Barker, a Master Trainer over at One LDN  who helps female clients who want to enhance their wellness regime without crash diets.

He told Glamour that a typical week for Zara will be three resistance sessions (usually on Monday, Wednesday and Friday), with two additional cardio sessions if she can squeeze them in. 

He explained: “I like to program full body days, so we are working out as much of the body as possible, however I will make sure that we are able to focus at the same time on certain areas like her bum, for example, which she has wanted to focus on."

Pizza and wine is allowed

Although exercise plays a big part in Zara’s regime, eating healthily is just as key, says Chris. 

He said: "Everyone has abs they are just hidden beneath a layer of fat, the only way we can reduce this layer of fat is by being in a calorie deficit, whether that be from eating less or exercising more; we need to be in a deficit to reduce our body fat levels enough to see those abs." 

Chris said that you don’t need to starve yourself, but just make healthy swaps – and thankfully treats should still be allowed. 

He explained: “By teaching the importance of nutrition and how you can still achieve your results while having the occasional drink or enjoying a pizza then my clients tend to adhere to the program better and actually achieve longer lasting results.”

Chris explained that Zara still enjoys food people may claim are “bad”, but this is ok if you are not going over your calories consistently. 

Squats and deadlifts are key

Chris said that teaching Zara exercises used in resistance training programs (deadlifts, hip thrusts and squats) has been a key foundation. 

He said he taught Zara how to activate her glutes so the right muscles are working in the exercises they do. 

He then adds additional isolation exercises towards the end of the workout to  create a greater muscle burn. 

The top exercises he does with Zara include kickbacks, abduction machine and hamstring curls.

Reduced bread intake

One of the foods Zara has reduced, she told MailOnline, is bread, and she said she decided to do this while training with Ryan Libbey, 30, who's engaged to Sam’s sister Louise, 30.

She said: “I do weight training with him and the Live Like Louise diet plan, which made me realise I was eating way too much bread.

“I was eating too much of it and not enough protein; over time I have balanced that out. 

“Lockdown has been the first time I have properly focused on my diet. Up until this time last year I always ate what I wanted, when I wanted and I never thought of calories.”

Tracks fitness on an app

Zara uses the app Fitnesspal to learn about calories and what she puts in her body, along with portion sizes. 

Chris said that using a tracking app can help people have a better understanding of what they are consuming within weeks. 

He said Zara typically reduces her carbohydrates and fats depending on how she is feeling, and will aim to have a high protein diet. 

In August Zara spoke to The Sun about how she changed her life around in summer last year.

"When I look in the mirror now, I feel accomplished," Zara told us.

"It started as a way of adapting to getting older when I suddenly realised I couldn't eat whatever I wanted anymore."

Wants to be the best version of herself

Ever since arriving on our screens as a Love Island bombshell, Zara has been unstoppable.

At the tender age of 23, Zara has launched a music career after Celebrity X Factor, become a Made in Chelsea regular and been signed as a model.

Zara recently said: “Being the best version of myself is something I’m going to go into 2021 believing and will make my life motto.”

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