I'm fat & everyone is always shocked that my husband is super fit, they even say grim things about our sex life | The Sun

A COUPLE have revealed how people are constantly expressing their shock about their relationship.

TikTok user Alicia McCarvell has managed to get over 5.5million followers, by uploading fun videos of herself with her long term partner. 

However, her videos have had many people questions them about their relationship and even talking about their sex life.

One troll wrote in the comments: “is this a paid actor?” to which Alicia hit back saying: “you're an unpaid commenter.”

One person defended her saying: “He’s probably with her because she’s a nice girl and treats him like a king. Real love. Good for them!”

And on other videos she has revealed about their sex life, with one person writing: “No shapeware(SIC) under that dress?” 

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To which Alicia’s partner Scooty replied: “One less thing I have to take off her.” 

And in another video, someone else wrote: “Does she get out of breath by brushing her hair?” 

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And Alicia replied: “No, but I do get out of breath when he rails me.” 

However, some have responded to many of her videos paying their “respects” to the “amazing” couple. 

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