I'm almost 40 but people say I look 27… the four tips I swear by – & how to avoid those 11 lines Botox will never save | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed her four beauty tips which have convinced people she's 27 at 40.

Mum Michelle Fairburn, believed to be from the US, took to TikTok to spill the beans on how her skin looks glowy and wrinkle-free at 40.

According to the stunner, there are some hard pills to swallow – and a lot of it is to do with your lifestyle and habits.

''Here's the truth – it doesn't matter what you put on your face, how much Botox you fill your face with […], it doesn't matter what products you put on your face.''

One of the key secrets to a youthful complexion, she said in her video, is avoiding smoking and doing drugs.

Although Michelle agreed that people can do ''whatever they want'', she insisted that these habits will only ''age you''.


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Michelle, who claimed to have only ever had one puff of a cigarette, said she'd seen friends who used to smoke – and ''the ageing gods did not bless them''.

Another tip the stunner told the followers on her page was to simply smile.

''I don't mean this in the sense 'Oh, you're a woman – smile, be pretty'.

''I mean quite literally. If you are stressed and you're frowning, and you're just an angry person, I promise you're gonna get those 11 lines.

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''You're gonna get wrinkles in your forehead – and no amount of Botox if going to change that for you.''

Just as important, Michelle reminded, was keeping hydrated with water, even if you dislike the taste of it.


The mum said she could instantly notice changes in the appearance of her skin if she doesn't drink enough water, even for just two hours.

Michelle explained: ''My pores become weird, make-up, my skin just become really dull-looking.''

In terms of volume, the parent advised to stick to around eight glasses a day – and it cannot be replaced with soda or juice, she reminded.

Last but not least, Michelle urged fellow beauty enthusiast to ''be active'' – and it can be as little of a workout as a walk.

''I'm telling you – being active will make you look more youthful in your face and your body.''

After learning about her tips and tricks, social media users raced to comments, where one said: ''i thought you were in your late 20s.''

Someone else couldn't believe their eyes either, writing: ''40!?!? I DIDNT EVEN THINK YOU WERE 30!!!''

Another chimed in: ''4. Sleep! At least 8h every night. Sleep deprivation/insomnia will age you like crazy.''

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