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FAMILIES across the UK spend on average £1,400 keeping their kids entertained during the summer holidays.

And although inflation has finally seen a decrease, many are still struggling to find spare cash for fun days out.

That's why Fabulous spoke exclusively to mum-of-four, Casey Major-Bunce, from Portsmouth to grill her on the best affordable hacks to keep kids entertained while at home during the school holiday.

She says; "Summer holiday can become stressful with the cost of living crisis, and not to mention the stress and pressure on mums to do things with the kids.

"However, you don’t need to spend a fortune this summer to have fun."

Here, 32-year-old Casey reveals five easy activities to keep the kids entertained and give you some well-deserved peace and quiet.


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Throw the teddy

According to the savvy mum, this easy game that can be planned in the garden or in the bedroom can keep the little ones quiet for a while.

Casey says; "Get some paper plates and write some numbers on them like 10, 20, 50, and 100, and lay them down vertically in the garden.

"Let your children take it in turns throwing their teddies to try to land on the numbers.

"They get 20 goes each, and whoever gets the highest score combined is the winner."

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To add some real competition to the game, the mum recommends letting them pick the film or dinner for that night, and you can bag a pack of paper plates for just £1.25 from Tesco.

Reusable water balloons

Is there anything worse than trying to relax in the garden, only for your kids to pester you to fill more water balloons up?

Well, now thanks to the mum's clever hack, you don't have to.

Here, she reveals how to make reusable ones they can fill up themselves so you can keep lounging in the sun undisturbed.

"Cut sponges into slices and then join them with headbands," she says.

"Fill a bucket of water up and pop them in there, and you have reusable water balloons."

You can buy a pack of three bath sponges for just £1 at Poundland, and if you fear they'll get bored of it soon, the water station can be used for another game as well.

Casey, who regularly shares mum hacks on her Instagram @majorbuncehome adds: "You can also use that bucket of water and create a refill station for water guns, so you don't have to have the kids running through your house wet, fighting over the tap to refill their water gun."

Chalk Paint

For those who don't want to watch their kids in the garden all day long, the clever mum recommends giving them chalk paint.

buy a packet of chalk, which you can nab for £2 in Hobbycraft and dip them in water.

She explains ;"If you dip chalk into water, it comes out like paint, but it's still so easily washable, and rain or a hose will get rid of it.

"Let the kids chalk paint your paving stones and your fences this summer."

Bubble wands

Bubble wands are always a winner with little ones – but the solution can often end up being poured onto the floor after five minutes.

That's why Casey came up with a clever hack to keep them upright and it means you're not being called to do it every 30 seconds.

"You can zip tie the bubble wand to a table leg in the garden, or a chair leg, and then just refill with some bubble solution.

"Not only will it save your sanity but will save some money on the bubbles."

You can purchase a bag of cable ties for £1 from Poundland as well as a pack of two large bubble wands.

Beach days

Taking your kids to the beach is always a great idea in theory.

But they can often get impatient when it comes to wanting to run about in the sea or want to buy every inflatable in sight.

Casey's easy hack will mean the kids can keep quiet and have something to take home with them.

The money-saving mum says: "Buy one of the old school paint palettes and take it to the beach with you and let the kids paint some stones and shells.

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"Not only do they make lovely memories, but it keeps little ones entertained whilst you're eating your lunch."

you can purchase a paint palette for just £3 on Amazon.

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