I'm a plus-size queen with natural curves – I embrace it all and people call me 'perfection' | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZED 'queen' has headed to her TikTok channel to show her followers her fabulous curves with confidence.

Michelle (@meechies_333) has frequently used her social media platform to teach other women how to embrace their unique bodies.

The San Francisco-based beauty has described herself as a plus-sized model and has wracked up nearly 50,000 followers on TikTok.

In a brief clip posted last year, the glowing young woman showed off a series of mirror selfies with a simple message overlaid

"Embrace your curves," she wrote over the pictures.

Michelle posed in a pair of hip-hugging yoga pants and a cropped shirt.

In the first picture, she appeared front-facing. In the second, she turned to the side to give her viewers another glimpse of her curves.

She added a few positive hashtags to the caption, including #naturalbeauty, #bodypositivity, and #embraceyourself.

Michelle's post garnered plenty of attention from her fans, who headed to the comments section to show their support for her message.

"I like your face and body dear," one of her many admirers wrote.

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Others were eager for an opportunity with Michelle and cracked a couple of jokes about it.

"I volunteer as tribute," another person wrote.

A string of fans left gushing compliments regarding her looks, but some focused on her mindset.

"Confidence is sexy," a third person commented.

Michelle isn't the only plus-sized queen to speak about their experiences online.

Another proud plus-sized lady has told her followers that she adores her bigger belly, and won't stop showing it off in tight clothing.

Others have shown their skin in bikinis, refusing to let online trolls bring them down.

Michelle and other curvy women have inspired many others to love every inch of their bodies.

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