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IT'S one of the most popular beauty trends of the decade and has taken the internet – and runaways – by storm.

But despite its ever-rising popularity, microblading has also scarred many beauty lovers, leaving them with botched eyebrows – or even worse, zigzags on their forehead.

Sapna Christi, from Derby, has been a microblading whizz for five years, and certainly knows a thing or two about all things hair and beauty.

Speaking to Fabulous, she said eyebrow disasters are not uncommon.

''I have come across many brows that have been incorrectly done and clients generally tend to come to me for their top up, as they are afraid to go back to the first artist with the fear of their brows being
messed up again.''

The expert, who now also trains fellow beauty enthusiasts, revealed the most common mistakes – and also, more importantly, what to keep in mind before the procedure.

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Wrong shape

Eyebrows are one of the most important features that frame your face – and for this reason, it's very important to know the shape that will be the most flattering to you.

The expert explained: ''This is one thing that Is the most important – because clients will be stuck with this for a long time!

''I use the string method to map brows along with a measuring tool.

''It is always good for clients to understand that the brows they see on celebrities on Instagram, for example, have either been highly edited or done by a makeup artist – or they generally have a completely different brow and face shape to them.

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''It is not one brow shape fits all unfortunately and sometimes clients forget this.''

Thick strokes

For Sapna, a mum-of-two, microblading is all about realistic-looking brows.

But unfortunately, as we have seen time and time again, this is where many people go wrong and end up with eyebrows that look anything but natural.

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''This is because the artist has gone way to deep, where the pigment
has expanded in the deeper layers of the skin and healed.

''This also means that over time the pigment will turn a bluish/black colour – think of it like a normal tattoo.''

Wrong pigment

Just like when buying an eyebrow pencil or pomade, not every shade will suit every individual – and this is particularly important for those with fair skin and lighter shade hair.

Sharing her expertise, the brow pro said: ''Shade of colour – clients must take into consider their skin tone, and hair colour.

''You can have pale skin but dark hair – however if you choose a black, the brows will look way to prominent on the clients face.''

The things to keep in mind

''You type of skin is a major factor when it comes to the success of your microbladed brows.

''The older and thinner the skin the more likely the brows are of not holding as well.

''Oily skin tends to lose colour much more quickly than drier or combination skin as your skin is constantly pushing out excess sebum, therefore if you have had your brows microbladed the pigment will fade much quicker,'' the whizz explained.

However, just as important is finding the right artist that will understand your needs.

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''Choose an artist that builds a relationship up with you rather than to take your money and forget about you.

''Researching a good artist is so important as this is their face and the last thing you want is for clients to be unhappy.''

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