I’m a housing expert & these are the things which make your house look cheap… and a carpet error is top of the list

LAST week, we learned about some of the things which, according to an interior designer, make your house look cheap.

Amongst these were the infamous boob lights and exposed cords.

But the list doesn't end there – Ashley Patterson has shared Part II of things you should get rid of.

Now that you've removed all the boob lights and have neatly arranged the dozen bottles of shampoo it's time to inspect your flooring.

Flooring can be tough, she admits, but having too many different types of it is definitely a no-no.


''One wood – and stick with it throughout the entire house!''

Same applies for carpets – use just one.

''If you must have different wood or carpet, pick one to compliment,'' she says.

''Don't try to match!''

If you're feeling particularly fancy, follow Ashley's next tip.

''Then compliment those main pieces of flooring by picking special types of tile to go into smaller spaces!''

These include the laundry room and bathrooms.

Still a little unsure?

The Ohio-based housing expert recommends trying ''the 3 rule''.

''From any space you're standing in your room, you should not see more than three different types of flooring!'' she explains.

Many seemed to agree with her recommendations, with one writing: ''Oh man, I'm waiting til after the holy to replace my floors and I am impatient!

''Can't wait to get my spill proof wood laminate tile!''

But there were also those who wouldn't stick to her suggestions.

''I can't wait to put different colour carpets in our house – but I'm odd.

''I decorate my house to live it not worrying about what others think.''

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