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ARE strange noises in your home giving you the creeps? 

There’s no ghosts to be scared of, but hot DIY guy Brad O’Riordan says there are some sounds you should never ignore.

Brad and his two brothers Phil and Jack make girls go weak at the knees with their sexy handyman hacks on YouTube. 

The trio, who’ve dubbed themselves The Home Improvements Channel UK, share funny and factual clips on how to maintain and improve your home without shelling out on an expert. 

“Some tune in for our advice, but a lot more just check us out,” says Brad. “People confess they’re not even looking at our DIY – they’re staring at our muscles instead.”

The brothers’ how-to guides have been watched by over 100 million people. 

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Now they’re teaching us to sound out and sort strange noises in our homes before they make a serious hole in our pockets. 

Buzzing lights

If you hear a buzzing noise coming from outlets, that's usually a sign of a loose connection. Loose wires can spark and potentially lead to an electrical fire. 

Remember: loose wires cause fires. Get an electrician out as soon as possible.

It could also be the actual bulb that’s gone – kitchen tube lights can buzz if they’re broken and all you have to do is replace it. 

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Humming appliances

A continuously humming fridge might mean the compressor (what keeps it cool) is breaking down.

Don’t wait for it to get worse, you’ll only get food poisoning.

Buying a spare part is as pricey as a whole fridge – just buy a new fridge to save time and money. 

Don’t ignore a humming tumble dryer. There might be something jammed in the blower wheel, and jams cause fires. Get an expert out to sort it asap and don’t use it till it’s fixed.


Whistling or hissing, bubbles in your water and the smell of rotten eggs are massive warning signs of a gas leak.

Ignoring the signs will make you really sick and could cause a massive explosion.

Turn off your gas appliances, open your windows and get out of the house.

Shut off the gas at the meter and call the emergency gas service – they’ll be out in minutes. 

Whistling windows 

You shouldn’t be able to feel the wind through closed windows.

Worn weather stripping or rattling panes let in cold air, and all the hot air from your radiators escape through the cracks.

Fill gaps with mastic and replace cracked panes as soon as possible to stop shelling out on heating bills. 

Skittering walls 

Scratching sounds behind your walls are a red flag for rodents.

You’ve probably got mice, rats, squirrels or even birds living in your house.

They can chew through wires, damage furniture and spread infection when they look for food at night.

Call out pest control to get rid of them humanely, seal holes and cracks and seal up your food to keep them away.

Running water 

First things first, check your taps. If you can still hear water running in the house, shut it off (the stop cock is usually under the sink).

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If the sound stops, you’ve got a busted pipe that needs fixing fast.

If not, you’ll have big damp, mould and even structural problems that’ll make your house unsafe to live in. 

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