I'm a hairdresser – 6 annoying things you need to stop doing during your appointment…they make everything take longer | The Sun

A HAIRDRESSER has taken to social media to reveal the six annoying things that people often do during their appointment.

Not only are these things highly irritating to the hairstylist, but they will also make your appointment take much longer too.

So if you have booked in for a trim or some highlights, you’ll want to listen up and take notes.

24-year-old hairstylist Kaeyln Emily recently posted a clip on TikTok, revealing the things customers do that are highly inconvenient for her and other professionals.

She said: “If you’re getting your hair done soon, here are a couple tips for you.

“Don’t wear a hoodie with a hood on it, it interferes with us doing hair.

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“When you’re laying in the little sink bowl, don’t lift your head for us, we’ll do it for you. Be dead weight back there.

“Also try not to look up at us when we’re washing your hair – it kinda freaks us out.

“When you see it wet and it looks really dark, don’t freak out. All hair looks really dark wet, don't worry your pretty little mind.

“Wait for us to blow dry and style it before you judge it.

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“If it’s a long appointment, don’t be afraid to bring snacks. The only tummy that should be rumbling is ours, and it will be, don’t you worry.

“That’s it, have fun at your appointment.” 

Kaeyln shared her video just four days ago, but it has quickly racked up a whopping 243.9k views.

It has 31.9k likes, 171 comments and 324 shares.

Many hairdressers agreed with Kaeyln and were eager to express this in the comments. 

One hairdresser said: “Amen sista.” 

Another added: “So right on! Glad I retired.” 

A third commented: “Spot on!!” 

Meanwhile, many women revealed that they often lift their heads when having their hair washed, and didn’t realise it would annoy the hairstylist.

One woman noted: “I always feel bad making them lift my head so I attempt to hold it up out of habit.”

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Someone else chimed in: “I lift my head because the shampoo bowl hurts your neck!” 

A third revealed: “I’m sorry for lifting my head I just wanna help” to which Kaelyn replied “Haha it’s okay! But don’t worry about it, it’s your time to just relax.”

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