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DO you have bad luck when it comes to keeping plants alive?

Fear not, as a plant expert has revealed 10 virtually indestructible houseplants that are perfect if you don’t have green fingers.

Tyler Woodward, health and wellness expert at Eden’s Gate, said: “With plenty of species of plants that thrive on neglect, little sunlight and minimal watering, there’s no reason not to channel your enthusiasm for houseplants, all the while you’re outside, enjoying the changing of seasons; ridding yourself of the worry that you might kill them. 

“We already know that plants can boost your mood and purify the air (especially as seasonal allergies are on the rise), but they also aesthetically complete your room. 

While we can’t definitively say houseplants are impossible to kill, there are certain varieties that are harder than others, making them the ideal urban addition to your home.”

Here are 10 plants that are very hard to kill…

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First up are peace lilies which only need low light and a moderate amount of water.

The expert said: “The most popular houseplant in the UK is a peace lily, and perhaps because it is prone to blooming in low light conditions for weeks on end. 

“Likewise, it requires little watering, simply check in on the soil once a week and if dry then you can water it, but even if it’s slightly moist, allow it to dry first.”

Second on the list of plants you can “forget” about is a spider plant.

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Tyler added: “A spider plant will last as long as it gets a reasonable amount of sunlight, well-drained soil and only watered when it feels dry; the perfect plant for someone fearful of killing their greenery.”

And money trees took third place.

Tyler added: “Money trees are not only known to be lucky, but they’re easy to care for and don’t ask for much attention. 

“Considered the nation's third favourite, money trees require little watering (once a week), and somewhere it can enjoy moderate sunlight too.”

Also in the top five were aloe vera and pothos plants which both need low water amounts.

And also making up the top 10 were corn plants, common houseleeks, panda plants, chinese evergreens and fern arum.

So have you had any luck with these?

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