I’m a gardening expert and there’s a product I swear by to get your lawn green – it works in just two hours

NOW that it's officially spring, it's time to get your garden in order.

The best place to start to make a noticeable difference is your lawn.

Garden expert Sam at JayRock Lawncare & Gardening recently shared his tips to get a greener lawn in just two hours.

Before you do anything else, strim the edges of your lawn, this will make a massive difference to how neat it looks.

Then its time for the big cut, for a more professional look you could try to cut it in straight lines like Sam does.

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You might think that the jobs done after the grass is cut and edged, but the pro says there's one more thing to do that is the key to a luscious lawn.

Sam's secret ingredient is TotalLawn Instant Green.

He says that the product should get your lawn looking garden party ready in a matter of hours.

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The gardening whizz says the reason the product works so well is because it contains chelated iron.

"Its almost like a sticker, so when you apply the iron it's going to stick to the leaf and keep on absorbing.

"Instead of any of it getting lost in the soil and draining away, it helps it hold it and work quicker."

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After two hours, Sam's garden looked lush and green.

The miracle product made a huge difference to his lawn, he says that he's sure that it will continue to get more green over the day.

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