I'm a fashion whizz – what your favourite footwear reveals about you – & why Docs mean rebellious

YOUR fashion choices can reveal a lot more about your personality than you might imagine – and your shoes are no exception.

From sky-high stilettos to a more comfortable pair of Converse trainers, the options for footwear are endless, and what you pick may have something to do with your personality.

Here, Fabulous spoke to Emma Lightbown, a fashion whizz who's been in the industry for years.

The professional stylist, from London, has worked with a variety of big brands, such as GymShark, Asics, as well as the Irish designer, Orla Kiely, and certainly knows a thing or two about shoes – especially as she owns 200 pairs.

''Shoes a very telling. […] Whether they're quite practical or out there, bold – they're a giveaway to somebody's personality.''

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Whether it's a pair of high-tops or low-tops, Converse is a classic that will never go out of style.

If you're a fan of this iconic shoe that can be either dressed up or down, you're more likely adaptable.

''That to me says that the person has lots of different sides to their personality.

''They can do lots of things, they're generally quite a busy person.

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''They like to be stylish but they also like to be quite practical – and Converse are great for that.''


Despite the common misconception that those who confidently rock sky-high Louboutins or Jimmy Choos every day without a fail are materialistic and gold-diggers, Emma disagreed.

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''If you are a day to-to-day stiletto person, you are very much trying to put on a very definite message about yourself out there.

''It's one of power, quite commanding, they can be quite sexy.

''They liked to be looked at, you know, have attention on them.

''She is strong, confident.''


Although one fashion whizz recently claimed that comfortable flip-flips both in the city and on the beach look tacky, it's still a staple for many.

If you're amongst those who can't image getting through summer without these, then you're very laid back.

''They're not too overly stressed or fussed about fashion.

''They're quite happy to just throw on their flip-flips in the morning – it's very easy.

''The complete contrast of a stiletto wearer.''


Through summer festivals all the way to the harsh winter, chunky Doc Martens is a go-to for many.

Whilst the brand and style certainly may not be everyone's cup of tea, there is no denying that the boots will never go out of fashion.

According to Emma, if you own a pair of these, your personality is more of a rebel.

''Kind of the one to say 'No, I'm not going to wear your summer shoes – I'm wearing my Docs whether it's rain or shine'.''

A little fashion tip for those who want to purchase Docs but are afraid of painful blisters trying to break them in, Emma said, is to buy these pre-loved.


Somewhere in-between stilettos and sandals are wedges – a firm favourite for Kate Middleton.

''They want to try the trends, they want to feel a part…But they're not fully committed like a stiletto wearer.''

In terms of character, Emma said they're someone who's friendly and likes to be involved in various activities.


Chic and also comfortable, a pair of loafers is a go-to for many who seek elegance – and much like the style of shoe, it also reveals their status.

''They're quite posh…It's kind of a preppy, Sloane Square type of shoe.

''They give away that sightly money kind of vibes.''


Perfect for virtually any smart-casual outfit, you can never go wrong with a pair of basic white trainers.

According to Emma, this can mean a a few things – you're either very trendy, sporty or both.

But it's not just the shoes themselves that can tell a lot about the person – it's also the condition of them.

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