I was on Too Hot To Handle but traumatised when I watched it back – there’s a side to reality TV no-one warns you about | The Sun

A REALITY TV star has lifted the lid on a major downside of fame… and it’s not getting papped all the time.

Megan Thomson almost walked from Too Hot To Handle after struggling to secure a man on the love retreat – but she was left cringing watching the episodes unfold on Netflix. 

That’s because the 26-year-old revealed watching herself cry on TV was “ridiculous”.

Hopeful influencers that sign up to reality TV and dating shows are often warned about the likes of trolls, paparazzi and the effect fame can have on your mental health.

However, they aren’t prepared to watch their most vulnerable moments play out to millions of watchers.

And for Megan, the experience was “ridiculous”. 

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The PA from Cambridge took to TikTok to laugh at herself for crying on the dating show after cringing watching it back.

“I have to laugh, I’m sorry,” she mimed over a video.  

“This is so f*****g ridiculous.”

Fans of the show jumped to the comments to reassure her. 

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“I would’ve been crying also babe, its okay,” one penned. 

“At least you are a pretty crier,” another said. 

Too Hot To Handle premiered in April 2020 and became a huge hit with fans.

It follows a group of men and women who are put in a house together and are told by virtual assistant Lana that they are NOT allowed to have any form of sexual contact with one another.

If they do, money is taken from their prize fund.

Season five started airing on streaming service Netflix two weeks ago. 

Megan was set to leave after “making mistakes that she always makes in the outside world” when it comes to picking a man. 

“I love boys a lot,” the singleton said in her entry tape. “They definitely know who I am.

“And if they don’t, they’re about to know.”

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