I was excited to get my skinny lips pumped full of filler & forked out £360 for them but I couldn’t believe the results | The Sun

THERE’S nothing worse than a cosmetic treatment gone wrong. Botched beauty treatments can be painful and costly to fix. 

But what would you do if you went to get a cosmetic treatment and couldn't noticed a difference?

One beauty fan has shared her experience of a failed filler that left her very disappointed. 

Gillis shared a TikTok video online of before and after getting lip filler. 

The cosmetics fan was buzzing just half an hour before her treatments and even a little nervous. 

She said: “30 minutes until my lips are done. I'm so excited. I'm a little nervous. But I’m so excited. Oh, my god”

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Not long after Gillis continued her video in another clip but the beauty fan was not smiley and happy like the clip before. 

Gillis explained she had gotten the filler and the results were not what she was expecting. 

She said: “They're done. I just paid $350 [£280] for this. I look the f**king same. I'm so annoyed I could cry.”

Viewers were likely confused as to why there was so little change in Gillis’ lips. 

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So she shared a follow up video explaining the process. 

The cosmetic fan explained that the treatment she had gotten was a baby lip which she actually paid $450 [£360] for. 

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But even with a small amount of filler Gillis’ lips were too small to fit the whole product. 

“I had originally wanted a full injection, full syringe, but my injector said that she wouldn't be able to put the whole syringe in the first session because I just had a really small mouth and really small lips.”

“I have another appointment in a couple of weeks and if she said if I'm healed enough, she'll try to put the other half in and it would be $200[£160], so it would come out to a total of about $650 [£530]."

Gillis confessed she was disappointed especially as she had been looking forward to getting filler for a long time. 

“This is something I have always wanted. I saved up for this. I was super excited. And, you know, I knew going in it would take several sessions for me to get to my goal, but I wasn't expecting for the first time to be such a subtle difference.”


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“So I was disappointed.”

Gillis' video went viral with over 5.4 million views. 

Despite her disappointment, viewers said the small amount of filler made the beauty fan's lips look more natural. 

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One user said: “Tbh it looks really good and natural!”

“I loooove the results. They look so authentic and natural on your face,” another said.

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