I wanted to enjoy the sunshine so turned my balcony into a play area for my baby… it gives me anxiety but she loves it | The Sun

SHE wanted to make the most of the sunshine, for herself and her baby.

So Maia had the genius idea of turning her balcony into a play area for her daughter.

First, she swept off the wooden floor, before laying down a huge, fluffy blanket.

Next, she took some of her daughter's favourite things outside, including a play mat and some other toys.

To make the area as safe as possible, Maia lined up cushions around the edge of the bars.

She also used a chair to corner off an area she didn't want her baby to go to.

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"Making good use of my balcony now that the sun's out," she captioned her TikTok video.

The comments section was quickly filled with people weighing in on the transformation, with some admitting they couldn't deal with the anxiety a baby on a balcony would give them.

"This is giving me anxietyyy, so cute thooo," one wrote.

To which Maia replied: "Me too! But she loved it".

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"Too much anxiety for me but cute," another added.

As a third wrote: "Way too much anxiety for me".

Others offered their suggestions for how to make the balcony area even nicer, with one writing: "You should get a bamboo fence for around the bars and put down some foam slabs."

"I’m gonna go b&m tomorrow !!" Maia said.

"Cute. you should get her those play trays on Amazon and you can fill it with water and toys or sand or edible sand like butter and flour mix," another wrote.

With Maia responding: " Oooo that sounds fun thank you!!!"

"It literally look so comfy," a third commented.

"And it twassss," Maia replied.

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