I want the biggest wedding of the century but I'm too old to push it back, I need to start a family, says Jess Wright

WITH 50 guests invited from her family alone, Jess Wright hopes her big day will be "the biggest wedding of the century".

The former Towie star is set to marry partner of two years William Lee Kemp in September in Mallorca, and it sounds like quite the event.

But Jess, who turns 36 in September, doesn't want to push it back further if restrictions hinder their hopes of a huge party- as she's keen to start trying for a family.

Speaking to Fabulous, as the new face of Simone Thomas Wellness, Jess says: "Obviously I’m at an age where I need to start having children at some point.

"Delaying the wedding for another year would have just delayed that as well, so we didn't want to do that. Me and my partner just want the freedom to be able to…

"Also we’ve been planning this wedding for a year so, not that we want to just get it done, but we want to go forward with the plans we’ve already got.

"My dress is ready and things like that. So to push it back for another year would have just been a shame.

"At some point, I need to start a family. I have a timescale in my mind.

"(If restrictions were still in place), I think we would probably go ahead just because we’re so far down this road now. I feel like we would consider a smaller wedding if we had to."

William, who owns an audio visual company, proposed to Jess in February last year, after 11 months together.

The couple originally planned to wed this month but pushed their 'do back to September, in the hopes of Covid restrictions being lifted by then.

Although Jess is tight-lipped on the exact guest list numbers, she has chosen 15 bridesmaids – including sister-in-law Michelle Keegan, 34, and sister Natalya Wright, 20.

I'm at an age where I need to start having children at some point, so we didn't want to delay for another year

She says: "I feel like we’re getting there now, please God, the vaccine’s working against the variant and things like that.

"So fingers crossed, by September we’ll be good to go and it will be the biggest wedding party of the century, because by then I think we’ll be needing it.

"We’ve got quite a large guest list but not too big. We’re trying to keep it as intimate as possible but I’ve got 50 family alone with partners.

"So it’s just about catering to everyone – but we’re really excited.

"We’ve put so much time, energy and money into this idea of the wedding we’ve always dreamt of. We want to fulfil that and continue with those plans.

"If we had to do that on a smaller scale, then we would, but fingers crossed we’ve worked around it and we can make it happen.

"Some people have changed their wedding three times, we’ve only had to change ours once."

Jess' younger brothers are both married. Mark, 34, wed actress Michelle in a star-studded ceremony in Suffolk in May 2015.

Meanwhile footballer Josh, 31, who plays for League 2 club Crawley Town, married Holly Kane in Mallorca in July 2018.

Jess says: "Mark and Michelle have been involved with the wedding planning, just as much as any sister-in-law and brother would be, and like my other brother and sister-in-law.

"My sister Natayla is more involved because she’s a girl, she’s my sister.

"In my family, both my brothers are married so they can shed light on any experiences and give tips.

"They’ve just told me to enjoy the day and little things like that.

"My best friend Gabby (Abrahams, Jess' childhood bestie) said ‘take five minutes with your husband to walk away and see what you’ve created, just take five minutes on your own’, so I think we’ll definitely do that."

After the high of William's proposal, Jess faced a difficult 12 months.

Aside from the wedding stress, she also had to deal with mum Carol, 62, and dad Mark senior, 64, battling Covid in January.

Then in March, her uncle Edward, dad of Towie co-star Elliot, who Jess said was like a second dad to her, lost his life to the virus.

In a recent Instagram post, Jess admitted her mental health had "taken a battering" as a result.

Fingers crossed, by September we’ll be good to go and it will be the biggest wedding party of the century, because by then I think we’ll be needing it

She tells us: "It was pretty horrendous. I’ve been OK recently but over Christmas when everything was going on and Covid was really bad in my family, that was really hard to deal with.

"I felt like I needed to find some inner strength to become a bit stronger and deal with what we were going through.

"I’ve managed to keep my mental health OK but it comes in waves, so for me it’s just about working out a lot.

"Exercise really helps my mental health, so that’s always a good thing."

Unlike many Brits, Jess hasn't come out of lockdown a few pounds heavier – after embarking on a pre-wedding fitness regime.

As well as working out with a personal trainer, doing a combination of HIIT and weight training, she's invested in a Peloton bike for at-home spin classes.

She says: "I think every bride gets fit before their wedding. I’m just working out as much as possible but I’m not going too mad.

We’ve put so much time, energy and money into this idea of the wedding we’ve always dreamt of. We want to fulfil that and continue with those plans

"I keep my diet, within reason, as healthy as possible during the week. Then at weekends I have what I want.

"So hopefully the fitness will pay off, because I’m working hard. I feel like the wedding has kept me more motivated than I would have been.

"In January, I was on my Peloton whereas where we were in lockdown for so long over the winter, if I hadn’t had the wedding I probably wouldn’t have worked as hard.

"At the same time, my weight did fluctuate because there were weeks when I felt motivated and weeks when I didn’t."

Jess now takes a daily cocktail of vitamins from Simone Thomas Wellness, to support her "mind and body". She even plans to share them with her bridesmaids ahead of the wedding.

She says: "At my age, I feel like it’s just really important to take care of your inner being.

"I get psoriasis and I struggle a bit with mental health. I think it’s really important to treat from the inside and that’s what Simone’s range does.

"I take probiotics in the morning, my Everyday Wellbeing vitamins, my Super Greens which are the equivalent of a green juice and then the Skin Quencher and Biotin for my hair.

"She’s done so much research so I trust in her and am pleased I found the most amazing brand at the right time.

"My mum's taking them as well, which I think is important for her to keep healthy.

"Although she's got so much energy anyway, she’s doing 17,000 steps on her daily walks which is just mental."

Jess Wright is the new face of Simone Thomas Wellness and is the ambassador for Simone Thomas's Wellness's Moments In Time campaign.

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