I transformed the playhouse I had as a kid into my office & the perfect nail salon – people are always amazed | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how she turned her old playhouse into a nail salon for her business.

US-based Brook, 18, gave a tour around the tiny home and said it would be perfect for hosting clients.

In a clip which has racked up over 27,000 likes, she showed outside and inside the playhouse.

She wrote: “POV you turn your childhood playhouse into a nail salon.”

On her @brookmortensen13 account, Brook showed her she had added a desk to be used by her and customers.

The beauty pro also added her large collection of nail polishes to a cabinet on the wall.

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The playhouse also had a ring light and a chair for anyone waiting there.

Brook also showed how the playhouse has a small but cosy upstairs space which currently had a few seats in it.

One follower suggested she used it to “store all her things”, and she said it was a “smart” idea.

In a follow-up clip, Brook showed photos of the playhouse before she made it into a nail studio.

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She said: “We did it last summer and it probably took two weeks.”

Brook first of all needed to remove her childhood decoration, which included bug stickers and fake grass painted on the walls.

The nail artist continued: “So we painted over all that, we painted the walls white.

“We also took the whiteboard off the wall.”

They also ripped up the carpet and added a wooden-look vinyl floor.

Many people were impressed with her DIY project and new business.

One said: “Just gonna say that is some sick play house.”

Another added: “Playhouse that’s nearly a house.”

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