I spend more on beauty than rent – my hair alone costs me £6,000 a year

WITH her lip fillers, hair extensions, laser hair removal and luxury make-up collections, Jodie Weston splurges more than £16,000 a year on her beauty regime.

At £1,360 a month, it is more than the £1,300 she spends on rent and grocery shopping combined.

When lockdown was announced in March, 26-year-old Jodie, an Instagram influencer, immediately forked out £1,000 on products so she could do her own hair extensions, laser hair removal and tanning.

The beauty addict says she saved thousands of pounds before salons reopened on July 13 — but that has not stopped her booking in for blow dries and pedicures since.

Jodie, from Beckenham, South East London, says: “When lockdown was announced, I splashed out £1,000 online, including a £260 home laser machine, £250 on make-up, a £150 tanning mousse and £300 on DIY hair extensions.

“If you start letting yourself go, you start feeling down, so I was determined to stay looking as good as possible.

“Usually, it takes me three hours to get ready for a night out and I have never let a guy see me without make-up for at least the first two months of a relationship.”

Pre-pandemic, Jodie, who is currently single, splashed out £200 on lip fillers and £1,000 on hair extensions every four months and had £500 teeth whitening treatments.

There were also regular £90 manicures and pedicures, £90 massages and body-sculpting procedures every other month and weekly blow-dries and spray tans.

Her cosmetics collection alone is worth £2,500 and she has eye shadow palettes worth more than £1,000.

Jodie, who is also a DJ and co-owns a beauty salon, says: “I’d rather have a microwave meal at home than a posh meal out if it means I can maintain my beauty regime.

‘Strangers offer to carry my bags’

“Looking good means that strangers regularly offer to carry my bags and open the door for me, and I get up to 30 compliments a day online or from random people in the street.

“I’m a house and dance music DJ and my appearance is important. The world is quite shallow nowadays.

“When you look nice, people treat you differently. I get women messaging me to say they look up to me and I obviously get a lot of attention from guys. I was with my mum in the supermarket recently and she said, ‘Why do all the security men say hello to you? They never say it to me’.

“I see my beauty habit as a long-term investment in my career. As I look a certain way, I capture people’s attention.”

Shockingly, Jodie spends £60 a month — or £720 a year — more on her beauty treatments and products than she does on food and rent.

She says: “I can spend my own money however I like, and I’ve never got in any debt over my beauty habit.

“My dad tells me guys don’t like girls with so much make-up on, but I do this for myself, not for other people.

“Some people dismiss me as an airhead but it says more about who they are. We shouldn’t be afraid of being ourselves. If any women feel bad about how they look, they should be selfish and spend time on themselves.

“You only have one life, so you might as well do it looking your best.”

  •  Find Jodie at @missjodieweston.

Her annual styling bill

Lips £200 every four months – £600

Laser hair removal £200 monthly ­– £2,400

Cavitation body sculpting £90 every other month – £540

Pro teeth whitening – £500

Hair extensions £1,000 every four months – £3,000

Nails £40 every three weeks – £700

Eyelash extensions £95 every three weeks – £1,650

Facials £60 monthly – £720

Root bleach £100 every six weeks – £870

Make-up £200 monthly – £2,400

Pedicure £45 monthly – £540

Hair dye £200 monthly – £2,400


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