I shower once every three weeks & barely wash my hair – I'm so lazy & trolls taunt me, who cares? | The Sun

Stacey Solomon confessed she didn’t wash her hair for over 20 days after giving birth to baby Belle, and she’s not alone. 

52-year-old Clare Sandiford claims her hair goes a whole month before seeing the shower and it’s saving her a fortune. 

The mental health support worker lives in Formby with her husband and teenage daughter, who is embarrassed by Clare’s hair washing habits. 

“I washed my hair every two days because that’s the ‘norm’,” the mum explains.

“I couldn’t bear the thought of someone judging my greasy hair.

“But when my neck started playing up last spring, the thought of washing, drying and styling my hair three times a week was just too much effort.”


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At first, Clare used natural shampoo in a bid to keep grease at bay. Then she scraped her hair back into a ponytail for days on end, trying not to think about the oily mess on her head as she did the weekly food shop. 

“I got so lazy,” she admits. “Before I knew it, three weeks had passed and grease coated half my head.

“At first I was terrified that people would notice and think I was dirty and smelly. Then I realised – who cares? 

“I work from home, so no one can see if my hair looks a bit dirty. And I’m not bothered by what shoppers in Tesco think.”

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It took three months (about three hair washes) for Clare’s hair to adapt to her new habit and stop producing so much oil. That’s when she claims she started seeing results. 

“My hair was growing so fast and it was so glossy and strong. Even my daughter told me how good it looked,” she exclaims. “She was appalled when I shared my three-week hair wash ban. She’s so embarrassed but I don’t care.”

Clare uses just one bottle of shampoo a year and saves hundreds on her water bill. Trolls can judge her all they want, but she’s reaping the benefits. 

“I only use a pea-sized amount of shampoo to loosen the dirt from my scalp,” she reveals. “If trolls insult me or call me dirty I don’t listen. They’re insecure and probably jealous. 

“I’m not worried about my hair smelling bad because I prefer natural scents – perfume is too strong for me.

“My advice is don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. My ‘no hair wash’ habit started because I was lazy, but my hair has never looked or felt better.”

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