I refused to hire my nephew over his face tattoos – now he's threatening to sue me for discrimination | The Sun

A CONCERNED uncle has made the decision not to hire his nephew due to his appearance.

The business owner shared that the face tattoos were the defining factor that influenced his choice, prompting his nephew to threaten to sue.

Reddit user RK9Roxas detailed the family feud turned legal in a post to the social media platform.

The Redditor explained that he built his own business from scratch, which turned out to earn him a pretty penny.

"My nephew wants in because his twin sister got in with me. Here’s the thing he doesn’t offer me anything," he said.

The uncle went on to explain that his nephew's hardened lifestyle wasn't a fit for the company.

"All he did was just mess about, get in trouble with the law, smoke, drink, involve himself with gangs et cetera," he detailed.

The Redditor said that he was able to forgive him, but asked him not to get any ink.

"So what does he do? Inks up his arms, hands, and most recently his face with a 'little' cross even after he told me he wouldn’t get anymore. I can’t trust him," he said.

He told his nephew while he can't offer any roles in his company where he is face-to-face with clients, he can take on a custodial role in order to prove his work ethic.

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"He asked why not front facing and I was real telling him it’s cause of his face tattoo among visible others.

"He got loud with me and said I was discriminating against him and it’s not fair because we are family," he said.

The uncle went on to say that his employees' appearance represent his values.

"I just said everyone who works with me I treat as an extension of myself so they represent me.

"Visible tattoos send the wrong message and will cost me clients/money so if he doesn’t like my standards for my business he doesn’t have to work for me but he’s still free to learn from me.

"He stormed off," he said.

The nephew returned, threatening legal action for unfair discrimination.

"Now my nephew is talking about suing me and my sister is helping him. My niece is on my side as well as my sister's husband.

"Since there’s sides now a lot of issues are coming up unrelated to the main topic and talk of divorce is happening. Might need two lawyers," he said.

Several Redditors chimed in to discuss whether or not the uncle was in the wrong.

"You are the a**hole because you are using his tattoos as an excuse for not hiring him instead of telling him the truth about why you don't want to hire him," one wrote.

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"He doesn’t sound reliable, nor mature," another said. "He seems to think you have to give him a job, because you’re family.

"I think he wouldn’t do well, and would be like 'but we’re family' when reprimanded," the user added.

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