I make ‘Pizza Hut’ pizzas in my air fryer – you just need naan bread, they taste just as good and only take 8 minutes | The Sun

A WOMAN shared how she makes tasty pizza in the her air fryer and they taste just like the ones from Pizza Hut.

Foodie Eloise Head shared the easy recipe on her Instagram account @fitwaffle and it's ready to eat in just eight minutes.

To make the pizza you'll need a ready made naan bread, which you can grab from your local supermarket for as little as 80p.

Eloise said: "Naan bread is so thick and fluffy and it tastes great on it's own, but made into a pizza it tastes like Pizza Hut."

The food fan spread pizza sauce over the top of the naan bread bore sprinkling over grated mozzarella and Pepperami stick slices.

If Pepperami or pepperoni isn't your thing you could add any different topping you like though.


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Before popping it into the air fryer she added a dusting of parmesan cheese and cooked for eight minutes at 180C.

Once the cheese is fully melted Eloise sprinkled Italian herbs over the pizza and cut it into slices.

"It was so good and so quick and easy and it tasted better than supermarket pizza, although these ingredients were from the supermarket, but you get what I mean," she said.

Other food fans couldn't believe how delicious the finished pizza looked and many said they'd try making it for themselves.

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And a second wrote: "I'd recommend slightly heating it first for a crispy base, if that's what you're into, then adding the ingredients.

"But I agree! They're top notch."

"One of my faves, flour tortillas are amazing too if you like a thin, crispy cracker crust," anther said.

Another raved: "I love this idea!!"

And someone else said: "I would just eat it like a massive pizza slice."

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