I make my teen daughter pay rent and drive me around if she doesn’t stump up, I’m trolled but know I’m right | The Sun

PLENTY of adult children have no choice but to stay living at home because of the cost of moving out is so high.

But one mum revealed that she charges her daughter, Latisha, rent to live at the family home.

Kat Clark, from New Zealand, said Latisha didn't pay rent this week – so made her drive her around town to make up for it.

In a TikTok video, the mum said: "My daughter didn't pay rent this week so I'm making her drive me around everywhere.

"It's like having a personal driver it's so good."

She then got her daughter to drive her to the nail salon to get a fresh manicure.


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But there were some viewers who didn't understand why Kat was charging her daughter rent if she still lived with her parents.

One wrote: "Never understand why parents make their kids pay rent. Never had to do it personally."

Another asked: "Why is she paying rent if she’s at home?"

And it's not the first time Kat has received backlash for making her daughter pay rent.

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Last year, Fabulous reported that Kat was forced to address trolls in a TikTok video after being inundated with comments slamming the mum for charging Latisha rent.

Kat addresed the comments in a video, saying; "Point one, shut up. Literally shut up.

"I have had so many negative comments about me charging Latisha rent or board and I don't want to hear it.

"Point two, She pays £26 ($50) a week, and it goes into an investment fund so that when she is old enough to move out, or when she wants to buy her first house or her first apartment she is going to have money there.

"So I feel like I am setting her up for success, while at the same time teaching her about the real world, because it ain't free to live."

While some trolls deemed it 'unfair' for Kat to charge her daughter rent, plenty of other parents agreed it would help prepare her for the future.

One wrote: "Tell them again. My mum charging me rent taught me big life lessons and how to manage my money, plus it helps your mother? So she isn't struggling?"

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"Girl there is nothing wrong with charging rent." Added another user.

A third user said: "Important life lesson and you are setting her up for sure!"

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