I hate all my tattoos and I'm removing them – I got inked before my brain was fully developed, covering up is exhausting | The Sun

A TATTOOED bombshell said she’s on a mission to get rid of all of her ink.

Although she’s not looking forward to the painful process, she said the time has come, as she no longer relates to any of them.

TikToker Abby Baffoe (@abbybaffoe) supports women doing whatever they want with their bodies and is doing exactly that with her own.

“I am getting all my tattoos removed because quite literally, I hate them,” she began in the clip.

Although she said this conversation often triggers people, she doesn’t understand why.

“I think it’s because people get defensive and they think I’m s***ting on all tattoos and that I hate tattoos, which is most definitely not the case.”

Abby said they simply don’t match her personality anymore.

“I got my first tattoo at age 17. Snuck off to Indiana to get it illegally.

“Now I’m 27, so it’s been a decade, and they just don’t resonate with me anymore.”

She said her priorities today have shifted.

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"I quite literally got them before my frontal lobe was even developed.

“My style is so different, and I am always finding myself trying to cover them up or angling myself differently in photos so that they’re not showing.

“S*** is exhausting and I hate them.”

On top of that, she said her body has changed, causing the ink to look different over the years.

“They honestly all look like s*** now.

“The one on the side of my body that I got when I was 17, I’ve grown a lot since and it doesn’t look the same. You can’t even read it anymore.”

Although she appreciates and admires tattoos on others, she doesn’t want to see them on her own body anymore.

“The thought of seeing these tattoos on my wedding day, forget it,” she said, with a horrified expression.

Getting ready for her second tattoo removal appointment, she said it wasn’t an easy process.

“It’s the second out of 10, and it’s costing me over $4,000 to remove three, when I literally didn’t even pay $400 in total for all of them.

“So that’s fun.”

Besides the cost, the pain is one she doesn't handle well.

“It hurts like a b****.

“But needless to say, I’m so freaking excited.

“So, here’s to doing whatever we want with our bodies, and whatever makes us feel the most comfortable, and minding our business.”

Viewers agreed with her take, with some thanking her for the inspo.

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“This is why I won’t get one. I just know I’ll change my mind,” one person wrote, with Abby urging them to, “learn from [her].”

“Honestly the frontal lobe thing is so true. I turned 24 and I’m just NOT the same person as 18 year old me,” agreed another.

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