I got dress-coded at work for not wearing a bra – but I hit back at my employer and it's split opinion | The Sun

AFTER she was reprimanded at work for going braless, a young woman emailed her employer to challenge the dress code.

Some people were eager to borrow her email template to try and change their own workplaces, but others said she was overreacting.

Undergraduate Claire Cochran has plans to go into law someday, so she had no problem challenging her company's dress code.

In a TikTok video, Cochran made light of the scenario, where she received a dress code infraction from a female manager for not wearing a bra to the office.

But she didn't think she should receive a demerit, especially when her attire was still professional.

Cochran called the dress code out for being sexist since male employees weren't required to wear bras per the dress code.


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She sent an email to confront her employer, and after requests from her followers, she created a form for other women to copy and paste.

In her video clip, Cochran playfully "fought" her haters by swiping at the camera, then delivering a final blow.

Though Cochran revealed in a follow-up video that the dress code was altered to remove gender-specific guidelines, her approach riled up some TikTok viewers.

"At work you gotta be professional," one person insisted. "No bra is a casual thing."

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"Wearing a bra at work should be a given," another agreed.

"It's not dress codes when it is work," one person tried to argue. "It's called work appropriate."

But many people pointed out that Cochran had a smaller chest and it wasn't immediately obvious if she was wearing a bra or not.

"Why were they looking so closely at your chest?" one questioned.

"As long as they aren’t hanging out of your shirt, how is it any of their business?" a different woman asked.

Others agreed with Cochran's point about gendered discrimination.

"If they wanted their employees to wear bras, they would have to require men to," one person pointed out.

Many women shared their own workplace experiences about discriminatory dress codes, and several were outrage-inducing.

"Happened to me too. It's BS," a woman shared.

Some said that their managers had groped them to "check" if they were wearing bras.

And a fellow feminist called out the double-standard present in her own office – and coined a hilarious new term for her own anatomy.

"If that one male manager can have pierced nips poking through his shirt every day, they can kindly f**k off about my organic accessories," she wrote.

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