I caught coronavirus after ONE date before lockdown and couldn't see my kids for three weeks

A DEVASTATED single mum has revealed she couldn't see her kids for three weeks, after catching coronavirus from her date.

Within just 24 hours, Amie Morris, 38, from Sydney, had developed COVID-19 symptoms of a fever and dry cough.

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"I was really shocked to catch the virus, it's the kind of thing you hear on the news but never think will happen to you," she told 7 News.

"It's not the kind of thing you expect to catch from trying to find love."

When she went on the date four weeks ago, before Australia went into lockdown, radio producer Amie never imagined she could be at risk – as neither she or her romantic interest had been abroad recently.

She told news.com.au: "Even though he had a cough and we joked and I said, ‘ugh I hope that's not corona’… I just didn't even think that could be it."

Two days after the date, Amie was suffering from headaches, nausea, body aches and had lost her sense of taste and smell. She later tested positive for coronavirus.

Luckily, her kids were staying with their dad at the time, but Amie struggled with not being able to see her family.

She said: “The biggest thing is human contact I think, because I have my parents here and they're older and I just did not want to give it to them.

"So I just desperately tried to avoid leaving my room, and if I did I wore a mask and some gloves. My mum was bleaching everything that I touched."

During her second week of illness, Amie said her skin felt "tingly" around her waist, ribs and between her shoulder blades – comparing it to sunburn.

After 15 days of battling coronavirus in isolation, Amie was rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties.

She said: "I couldn't catch my breath. I felt a bit light-headed because I wasn't getting enough air, and I was pretty scared."

At hospital, an X-ray and blood test showed her lungs were inflamed but thankfully not damaged.

After three long weeks, she managed to kick the virus for good.

Amie, who self-isolated straight away, said it's important people follow social distancing rules, stressing it really does work.

She said: “Everyone's moaning ‘I can't go out, I can't see people’, but it's a short period of time and I just didn't want to pass it to my parents or the kids, and you've just got to sacrifice that."

As for her date, he's since lost his job and moved home to Europe.

The pair have become good friends, messaging and bonding over their shared symptoms, but Amie says there's no chance of them getting married anytime soon.

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