I asked my bridesmaids to lose weight and spend thousands of dollars- two dropped out of my wedding, did I ask too much?

A BRIDE-to-be has turned to the internet for advice following her turbulent experience with her bridesmaids.

The bride is worried she went too far with her wedding requests, and has even had a few friends drop out of her bridal party because they said they couldn’t afford her demands. 

The bride, who is having a destination wedding, said she thought her requests were nothing out of the usual. 

“Some of my requests were that since it's a destination wedding, they'll pay for their own rooms in the same resort hotel my husband, I and our families will stay,” she wrote in her post. 

“They're also required to buy their own dresses and find their own hairstylists and makeup artists. Their hair and makeup should be the same on all of them.”

The maid of honor is planning a destination weekend bachelorette party, which the bridesmaids are also expected to cover with their own funds. 

Lastly, the bride wrote that she would “appreciate” it if her friends dieted before her big day, but pressed that she would never force such a thing.  

“I'm not strict on that request it's just a suggestion,” she confirmed. 

However, once the bridesmaids got an idea about how much these bridal festivities would cost, two of them stepped down. 

“They said both [bridesmaid dress] choices are still too expensive and there's no way they can afford both a destination wedding and a destination bachelorette,” she explained.

Her remaining bridesmaids are split about the ordeal, which is making the bride second guess her requirements for the bridal party. 

One bridesmaid advised that the “requests are not possible to fulfill for everyone.”

The bridesmaid also admitted she was on the fence about the exorbitant costs.

The other bridesmaids, however, told the bride that those who do not wish to be part of her special day are “not true supportive friends.”

The internet had an absolute field day with this post, and had harsh criticism to throw at the bride. 

“If you want a whole entourage everywhere you go, then you need to pay for that.

“Oh, what is that I hear, you can't afford that? Well now you know how your other bridesmaids feel,” one person slammed. 

A second person agreed, writing, “Those are NOT normal requests, any of them. That is complete Bridezilla BS. You aren't sounding like much of a friend right now.”

A third unamused person shared the same sentiment.

“News flash: it is no one’s dream to be in your wedding, and expecting your friends (who I assume are not all independently wealthy) to drop thousands of dollars on something that is all about YOU is inherently selfish.”

Well, the internet has spoken.

There has been no update to the post, but if the bride reads the cruel comments, it's possible she'll have a change of heart about her plans.

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