How unlucky-in-love Kelly Brook finally found The One after dating a Hollywood hardman, rugby star and an ex-Gladiator

KELLY Brook is teasing fans that she is engaged to boyfriend Jeremy Parisi after showing off a sparkly ring on her wedding finger.

The 40-year-old model enjoyed a romantic staycation with her Italian hunk at Soho Farmhouse earlier this week – but is this fifth time lucky for Kelly?

The brunette beauty has been engaged four times over the years, but she has now vowed that the next time will definitely end in marriage.

Kelly has been with Jeremy since 2015 and she revealed he even declined her proposal to get married when she light-heartedly asked in 2018. 

Here we look back at Kelly’s string of famous boyfriends and fiancés over the years, and who she could have walked down the aisle with…

Jason Statham (1998 to 2004)

Her first boyfriend was action film star Jason Statham who she started dating when she was 18 and was with for seven years.

The model dated the Fast & Furious star from 1998 until 2004 and even got engaged before the pair decided to call it a day.

At the time of their split Kelly told Hello! Magazine that she was a different person to the young woman who fell in love with Jason.

She said: "I’m not the same as I was when we met.

"I'm a lot more complex now – a lot more high maintenance. And sometimes you don’t know what you want until it hits you."

The former Strictly Come Dancing star even described her engagement to Jason as "non-memorable."

Billy Zane (2004 to 2008)

Continuing her love of bald men, Kelly then fell in love with Titanic star Billy Zane, who she met while filming Survival Island in 2004. 

The pair got engaged in 2007 before she entered Strictly, but split in August 2008.

Despite claims the split was down to them growing apart, the Daily Mail reported that it was down to Kelly not wanting to make Los Angeles her permanent home.

Danny Cipriani (2008 to 2010, and 2013)

Kelly was probably Danny Cipriani’s longest relationship and most high profile.

The model has since called him a "car crash".

The final straw for her was when he gave a Las Vegas stripper his phone number, so she punched him in the face and then dumped him.

In 2015, Danny revealed that he struggled for almost a year after the break-up.

He told The Sun: “After that, I had depression for nine months. It’s cool as I've now learnt everyone's got their family issues, whatever they might be.

"It wasn't a great time and I had to see somebody to get help. It’s part of growing up, and going through that in the spotlight is tough."

Thom Evans (2010 to 2012)

Kelly then dated rugby star Thom Evans between 2010 and 2012 and had a miscarriage during their relationship in 2011.

The star revealed in her autobiography, Close Up, that another occurred in December of the same year.

Thom is also thought to have got down on one knee after striking up a romance with Kelly. 

It appears the model has some regrets about their time together.

"I used to work like a maniac and go after people who were not always kind to me," she told Closer.

"In my 30s I was dating really young guys who didn't even know where they were going in their lives…

"I mean, I was pregnant with someone who was on Celeb X Factor! How is that my life? I'm not saying it was Thom's fault, it probably wasn't the right time and there's no resentment."

The rugby star ended up hooking up with former Pussycat Dolls singer and judge Nicole Scherzinger, who he is in a relationship with now.

David McIntosh (2014)

In 2014 she dated Gladiators star and Celebrity Big Brother housemate David McIntosh. 

The pair suffered an incredibly public and bitter split in September of the same year, with both stars regularly slamming the other on social media.

Their engagement and relationship ended after seven months.

Jeremy Parisi (2015 to present)

Kelly has been dating model Jeremy, who is also an expert in Judo, since 2015.

Jeremy has also appeared on the big screen, starring in Marie and the Misfits and In the Shadow of Iris.

In February 2018, Kelly revealed that she proposed to Jeremy – and he said "no".

The pair had been together for 3 years when she popped the question while they were on holiday in Antigua.

According to Kelly, it wasn't a "serious" proposal and she didn't take the knockback to heart.Kelly later said that if she did get married they would have parties in Italy, England and America.

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