Here are 12 of the most incredible weight loss transformations of all time… and they need to be seen to be believed – The Sun

LOSING weight is no simple task – but these super slimmers are living proof that it is possible to undergo a dramatic transformation.

After battling through tears, sweat and countless trips to the gym, these stunning women have shown off their incredible results.

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Transformation ❣ If I can do it so can you! _ Stay determent and focused. I never ever thought that I'll be able to lose weight and become normal sized. It took me 1 year to lose 40 kg and the rest came of over 2 years (I went down to 57 kg. A total weight loss of over 63kg) . I've been normal sized for 3 years! You can do it as well – and soon (!) I'll release my programs!!! Stay tuned IG Fam ❤️❤️❤️ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #transformation#bodytransformation#bodygoals#weightloss#weightlossmotivation#weightlossinspiration#fatloss#vægttab#vægttabsinspiration#førogefter#glowup#healthtlifestyle#motivation#motivational#inspiring#fitspo#fitnessmotivation#gymmotivation#bodyprogress#howtoloseweight#fitness#workoutinspiration

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Transformation ❣ If I can do it so can you!_ Stay determent and focused. I never ever thought that I'll be able to lose weight and become normal sized. It took me 1 year to lose 40 kg and the rest came of over 2 years (I went down to 57 kg. A total weight loss of over 63kg) . I've been normal sized for 3 years! You can do it as well – and soon (!) I'll release my programs!!! Stay tuned IG Fam ❤️❤️❤️ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #transformation#bodytransformation#bodygoals#weightloss#weightlossmotivation#weightlossinspiration#fatloss#vægttab#vægttabsinspiration#førogefter#glowup#healthtlifestyle#motivation#motivational#inspiring#fitspo#fitnessmotivation#gymmotivation#bodyprogress#howtoloseweight#fitness#workoutinspiration

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Different triggers sparked these ladies’ weight loss journeys.

While some became too embarrassed to look in the mirror, others were shamed into turning their lives around by their partners.

And since kicking their binge eating ways, they haven’t looked back.

From flab to fab, here are 12 of the most incredible before and after weight loss snaps of all time…

1. Jennifer Edwards

A singer who tipped the scales at 18 STONE wrote her weight on her hand every day to shock herself into shedding the pounds… and now she's doing bikini contests.

Jennifer Edwards, from New York, who piled on the pounds as a student, was in denial until she was kicked off a roller-coaster for being "too wide to ride".

Forced to face the truth, the 26-year-old hired a personal trainer and overhauled her diet, which helped her to lose five-and-a-half stone.

To complete her incredible transformation, the trained jazz singer had 1.2 stone of excess skin removed six months ago.

2. Haley Smith

Tomorrow I start a week trial of a boxing club. I'm so scared, but I'm excited to push my limits! I'll keep y'all posted on how it goes!

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Haley Smith, 24, Texas, felt humiliated when she saw her "embarrassing" proposal photos which reduced her to tears.

At the time she weighed a whopping 19.8 stone and she was horrified by her size when their specially commissioned engagement snaps came back.

Haley vowed to slim down in time for her wedding, so took up running and swapped her junk-food diet for plenty of fruit and veg.

She has since shed seven stone and now works as a fitness guru and Instagram model.

3. Tiffaney Anderson

An obese mum who gorged on eight McDonald’s every morning and spent over a thousand pounds on takeaways in a month has unveiled her incredible transformation.

Tiffaney Anderson, 26, from Utah, USA, tipped the scales at 29st 7lbs thanks to a fast food addiction that saw her consume 11,000 calories of burgers, pizzas and sugary drinks every day.

The full-time mum of two, who says her traumatic childhood led her to overeat, underwent a gastric sleeves operation and a mini gastric bypass after her weight triggered a stroke.

Now Tiffaney is unrecognisable after shedding 17st and is fundraising to help pay for surgery to remove her excess skin.

4. Jen Atkin

When Jen Atkin was dumped by her fiancé nine months before their wedding, she could have hit the biscuit tin – but instead she hit the gym.

Over the next two years, Jen lost eight stone, going from 17st 5lb to 9st 5lb and from a size 22 to size ten.

The 24-year-old sees it as the ultimate revenge — and she has now found love again with someone who shares her passion for exercise.

5. Brenna Alexander

A woman shed an impressive five-and-a-half stone in just 18 months after she was “fat shamed” by her doctor.

Brenna Alexander, 34, was warned that her 17st 12lbs bulk was impacting on her health.

The Minneapolis super-slimmer cut-back on eating out and now enjoys home-cooked meals.

Doing strength training and cardio five times a week has also helped Brenna on her weight loss journey.

Since speaking with her GP, she’s toned her size 26 body to a svelte size 10.

6. Bridie Ritchie

An obese bride-to-be who weighed in at a hefty 21 STONE dropped half her size to fit into a size 12 wedding gown.

Bridie Ritchie, 21, from Queensland, Australia, managed to shed a whopping 9.5 stone after ballooning to a dress size 24 because of her love of sugary and high-fat junk food.

With the help of gastric surgery, she managed to shed an impressive 9.5 stone ahead of her wedding day.

To maintain her svelte figure, Bridie now enjoys home-cooked meals and makes sure she always has healthy snacks on hand.

7. Hayley Bienert

A woman who piled on the pounds after being fat-shamed by her now ex-husband when he was drunk shed more than six-and-a-half-stone to achieve the perfect revenge body.

Kennel supervisor Hayley Bienert, 27, from California described herself as always being a "little bit chubby" and struggled in a toxic relationship with her ex-husband who would constantly put her down.

This destructive cycle drove Hayley to binge eat and causing her to balloon to 16st 3lbs and a size 18-20.

The fitness aficionado has swapped junk and sugar for meals packed with lean turkey, chicken, fish and vegetables. She is now a super fit 10st 5lbs and a UK size 8-10.

8. Courtney Maguire

A woman who weighed 22 stone and was so large only FAT FETISHISTS wanted to date her has lost 11 stone 7 pounds – then celebrated her new figure by getting a boob job.

Courtney Maguire, 30 from Houston in Texas, USA, battled alcoholism and food addictions and was 22 stone at her heaviest.

After giving up booze, the superslimmer also vowed to reduce her portion sizes.

She stuck to a strict diet plan and began exercising regularly, managing to lose 11 stone 7lbs.

9. Ruth Dudley

Vlogger Ruth Dudley has been making videos on plus-sized fashion for years.

At her heaviest, the online star was a size 28, tipping the scales at 25st 7lb.

But after a crushing pre-diabetes diagnosis, Ruth knew she had to get healthy.

After ditching the two litres of fizzy orange she drank every day and cutting back on junk food, she now weighs a healthy 11st 8lb.

10. Christina Jordan

It's a beautiful Spring day for a garden date with my hubby… I'm so in love with light, flowing sundresses right now! After losing 130+ pounds it's made shopping so much easier! I found this dress for $14 at TJ Maxx.🙌🏼 Who's ready for summer attire? 🌸👗☀️🌸🌷 #DressSeason #iLoveSpring #GardenDate #weightlossexpert #christinajordan #fitmom #weightloss #nutritionist #fitbody #weightlossmom #springfashion #fitfashion #springdress

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A 19 stone woman who was fat-shamed at Disneyland and refused entry to a ride lost half her body weight and now gives fitness tutorials online.

Christina Jordan, 34, was on a family trip to the theme park in California when she was told she couldn’t go on a Indiana Jones roller coaster because the seat belt didn’t fit.

The mortifying moment forced the mum-of-three from Arizona to change her life – and lose 9 stone 7lbs.

The transformation prompted her to inspire other and she now shares her fitness and diet tips on her Instagram page, fitbodyweightloss.

She has also trained as a nutritionist, she has gained thousands of followers online, making her a social media star.

11. Mathilde Broberg

Soft and happy 🍑 So I don't have the trim'n'toned stomach any more but I'm happy and strong and that's all that really matters for me.. I eat what I want (mostly healthy. 80%) and I workout as much as I want to. My life is slowly getting more and more balanced which I'm really happy about. I've been super stressed and slightly depressed for quite awhile 🙄 Buuuut I think those times are over 🙌🏼 Yaaay!_ Sportsbra @hm Hipsters @victoriassecret

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A dangerously overweight student transformed herself into a sportswear model after shedding half her body weight by only eating her food with a teaspoon.

Mathilde Broberg, 21, from Denmark, cut back from a massive 3,500 calorie a day diet and gorging on dinners big enough for two people in order to drop the weight.

Her reality check came when she was turned away from a rollercoaster ride as she was too big to enjoy the attraction as she could barely fit the seat harness around herself.

She then vowed to ditch her favourite snacks including crisps, chocolate and sweet treats and managed to lose nine stone of the course of the following four years.

She now weighs in at just 10st 5lbs and, after splashing out on a tummy tuck to remover her excess skin, has become a sportswear and catalogue model.

12. Shannon Covert

A former binge eater waved goodbye to 15 stone and her HUSBAND because she claims he couldn't handle the amount of attention she received after her weight loss.

Shannon Covert, 30, tipped the scales at more than 26 STONE at her heaviest due to her unhealthy diet which involved scoffing 10 takeaways a week.

She began her weight loss journey in June 2014, weighing 26st 5lbs, and had her gastric sleeve surgery in January 2015.

Shannon achieved her goal weight of 11st 8lbs in November 2015 and has since been maintaining her weight and continuing to tone her new figure.

But according to her, her partner couldn’t cope with her dramatic transformation and Shannon left him in January 2016.

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