Genital matchmaking is the new surgery trend where women get ‘tightened’ and men get ‘enlarged’ for the ‘perfect fit’

GENITAL matchmaking is the bizarre new surgery trend that aims to improve couples’ sex lives by making each other the “perfect fit.”

The procedure works by “tightening” a woman’s vagina and “enlarging” a man’s penis to increase friction, and improve pleasure during sex.

Speaking to the MailOnline Dr Lucy Glancey, who runs her own clinics in the UK, explains that “well fitting” genitals are proven to increase the chance of orgasm.

She added: “'This is one of the reasons why men who frequently masturbate find it difficult to climax during intercourse with a woman because they are used to producing a 'perfect fit' of their hand, which fits like a glove over their penis compared to being with a female partner.

“Therefore, a couple's sexual enjoyment and ability to climax does in part rely on their genitals matching up in size.”

Dr Glancey explains that the procedure could be especially helpful to older women, or women who have had children as the vaginal walls become looser with age and after giving birth.

For women, the procedure involves a “non-surgical” tightening and a surgical labioplasty.

And depending on the couple, Dr Glancey can also offer a “girth enhancement” to men to further improve the couple’s “fit.”

Dr Glancey claims that she has seen a flood of couples signing up for the service since the start of lockdown.

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