Fashion stylist reveals two huge Zara hacks which will save you loads of time on ironing & help clothes fit better | The Sun

ANYONE who has shopped in Zara will know just how tricky it can be to get the right sizing when it comes to jeans.

But thankfully, a fashion stylist named Kenzie has revealed her secret tip to finding the best fitting clothes every time – along with a few other top Zara hacks.

In a clip shared to TikTok (@stylingwithkenzie), the fashion guru begins by picking up a pair of light-weight linen trousers.

"If you ever want to check the quality of a garment and see how badly it's going to wrinkle, all you have to do is take the garment in your hands and scrunch it up and hold for 10 seconds," she says.

"As you can see, it's very wrinkled, so I would not buy this."

Kenzie then demonstrates the simple trick on a corset style top, which is made from a thicker material.


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"As you can see, this one has more wrinkle resistant and it goes back to its original shape," she explains.

The fashion whizz then goes onto reveal her second trick, which is to shop in the men's section for their jeans.

"If you struggle with Zara's women's jeans, the men's jeans go up to a size 38 and sometimes I just feel like they have a looser, more comfortable fit," she says.

"Same for their jackets and blazers.

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"I can always find really unique or oversized styles."

Kenzie fashion whizz captioned the post: "You MUST try the men’s jeans hack – use these easy shopping hacks at Zara."

The post quickly went viral, racking up a whopping 53k views and several comments from delighted Zara fans up and down the country.

"Ohh I never though about the men’s jeans! I’ll look into that! Thanks for the tip!" wrote one.

A second enthused: "Ahhh amazing tip tysm!!!"

A third penned: "Wow great tips!"

Meanwhile, another added: "Men's jeans are usually easier to size and they have actually usable pockets!"

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