Did Kate Middleton’s new jewellery break serious palace protocol?

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Kate Middleton was seen wearing jewellery from UK company All the Falling Stars in the past week or so. Now an adorable story about how the Duchess of Cambridge got the pieces has come to light.

Kate was given the jewellery by a woman in Ireland who she met during their tour their in March.

Thérèse Tully, a physiotherapist in Galway let William and Kate use her facilities to change between their engagements.

Thérèse took the opportunity to leave a sweet gift and a note for the Duchess.

She told People: “It’s so amazing to see her wearing them, she seems to be getting so much wear out of the pieces – I’m just delighted.

“I wanted to give her something handcrafted from Galway, so I called Aisling, a local jeweller and commissioned her to make something bespoke, something fit for a princess. I didn’t give her much notice but she did an amazing job.”

Official documents from the Royal Family dictate how gifts are supposed to be treated by the so-called “Firm”.

It states: “The fundamental principle governing the acceptance of gifts by Members of The Royal Family is that no gifts, including hospitality or services, should be accepted which would, or might appear to, place the Member of The Royal Family under any obligation to the donor.

“In this regard, before accepting any gift, careful consideration should always be given, wherever practicable, to the donor, the reason for and occasion of the gift and the nature of the gift itself.

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“Equally, before declining the offer of a gift, careful consideration should be given to any offence that might be caused by such action.”

When it comes to gifts from “individuals not personally known to Members of The Royal Family” the rules are clear, but do leave some room for interpretation.

It states: “Gifts offered by private individuals living in the UK not personally known to the Member of The Royal Family should be refused where there are concerns about the propriety or motives of the donor or the gift itself. “

However, certain gifts may be excepted. This includes flowers and food, copies of books not about controversial topics presented by the author and items costing less than £150.

So this means Kate was in luck. Her Personalised Gold Three Layered Disc Necklace from All the Falling Stars costs £99.36.

The earrings she has worn from the company cost £44.67.

So, even if she was gifted both items and did not by the earrings later, she is still able to accept the sweet gifts.

Kate Middleton wore a bright yellow dress to bring some cheer yesterday. 

She has previously worn the dress to Wimbledon in July 2018, attending the match on July 15.

The dress is from the Resort 2017 collection, and it nips in at the waist to show of Kate’s figure.

She appeared to accessorised with dainty gold hoops in her ears.

Some might remember Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, wearing a dress in a very similar hue.

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