Devastated husband discovers his wife is cheating during the birth of ‘his’ son who was born a different race

AS MARK* clutched his wife’s hand and encouraged her to keep breathing, he felt like he was on cloud nine.

Although the US bloke had also been by Anna’s* side for the birth of their three daughters, something about this time felt different.

That was because, after 36 long years, Mark’s dream of having a son was about to finally come true.

Or so he thought …

“As soon as the baby was born, it was very clear that I was not the father. He was clearly black,” Mark wrote on Reddit.

“I was absolutely shocked, not only I discovered that the child I was expecting so much was not mine – but I also discovered that Anna had been unfaithful.”

Heartbreakingly, until that point, Mark had never imagined that Anna would do anything to betray their relationship.

The couple were incredibly close, describing themselves as best friends who shared similar values, interests and hobbies – while also raising a family together.

So when Anna unexpectedly fell pregnant earlier this year, Mark never suspected for a second that anything fishy was going on.

“It was a bit of a surprise since she had decided to only have three kids (I always wanted more),” Mark explained.

“Also she was on birth control and I always wore a condom since our youngest was born, but I was thrilled.”

So Mark was utterly heartbroken to discover that not only was he not the biological father of his much-longed for son, but that his beloved wife had cheated on him.

She tried to downplay and said that this didn’t mean anything, that she had made a mistake and she wanted us to raise ‘our’ boy together – but I couldn’t stay with her

Apparently, Anna had met a man in a bar where they proceeded to enjoy a boozy evening together.

They had unprotected sex and also exchanged phone numbers, presumably to meet up again – but Anna discovered she was pregnant before anything else could happen.

“Once he heard the news he blocked her and changed numbers, she only knows his first name which makes it pretty hard to find out who he is,” Mark said.

“She tried to downplay and said that this didn’t mean anything, that she had made a mistake and she wanted us to raise ‘our’ boy together – but I couldn’t stay with her.”

But as Mark prepared to leave Anna, another spanner was thrown in the works in the form of Anna’s parents.

By way of background, Mark and his in-laws have never really seen eye-to-eye; and only tolerated each other for Anna’s sake.

So imagine his surprise when they offered to pay for the divorce lawyers – as well as transfer Anna’s substantial trust fund to their daughters and testify against their own daughter so Mark can get custody.

Apparently Anna’s parents, who are “openly racist,” were furious that she had given them a black grandchild.

“They demanded that she erase the ‘mistake’ and give her boy to adoption which she refused,” Mark said.

“They threatened to cut her off and disown her several times, once they realised that she was not going to give up her boy – they did – they cut her off.”

After his in-laws offered their support, Mark has felt incredibly conflicted about what to do.

Although he knows the way that his in-laws plan to treat their daughter isn’t exactly fair, he doesn’t know what else to do.

“My daughters will benefit a lot from this money (we are talking about mid-8 figures), this will probably lead them to an entire life free of debt (college, home, even their future kids),” he said.

“Also, I put Anna first my whole life, I put her job first, I gave my name for her (it was the only way that her parents would ‘accept’ our marriage).

“I am honestly filled with hatred about this whole situation (she cheating and making me think that her boy was mine).

“I am normally very calm and collected, and think before doing stuff, now my first instinct is accept their help and watch her parents break her, piece by piece. So should I do it?”

*Names have been changed

This article was originally published on Kidspot, and has been republished with permission

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