Couple spend hundreds on decorations to make ‘most festive house in Britain’ with giant Grinch and three Christmas trees

THIS YEAR, many of us have put up the Christmas decorations early to get in the festive spirit.

One couple from Doncaster have gone all out with the festive decks and have totally transformed their home into a winter wonderland.

Michael Fenning, 36, and husband Paul, 30, have decorated their home in a festive film theme, taking inspiration from The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Grinch.

A whole week and hundreds of pounds later, their home glitters with Christmas lights and garlands and a total of THREE Christmas trees.

Among their festive display is a model of the Grinch and Jack Skellington, a giant nutcracker, and a TV showing a fake fire to create a cosy atmosphere.

The couple used decorations collected throughout their relationship as well as some new items and the result is dazzling.

Paul said: "Both of us have always loved Halloween and Christmas, although we've never gone this big before!"

"We brought back all the traditional colours of red and green but with a twist and used mainly a local cash and carry for the lights which are all energy efficient LEDs.

"We just wanted to make it a bit over the top, crazy and fun!

"With it being my 30th and such a miserable time, we decided to put them up early so people from the area could come and see the house."

"We thought it'd be nice for people to enjoy the house on a little outing in their households to put a smile on not only the kids' faces, but also for the inner child that lives in us all," Paul added.

"It's always exciting viewing Christmas lights. I think it was just the perfect time for this."

Michael and Paul share their interior design projects on Instagram account: @cherrytree.home

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