Cleaning fanatics are using washing powder to get grim oven racks sparkling like new and it takes NO effort

DESPITE our best efforts, oven racks are one of those household items that are just impossible to keep clean.

But there's one thing we know for sure – every method we've tried so far involves A LOT of scrubbing without much reward.

That said, cleaning fans have been raving about how well washing powder works to remove the grime – and it looks SO easy.

Posting on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, one Australian user revealed how she soaked her oven racks in a bath with washing powder after reading a post from another member.

She wrote: "To the lady that posted about cleaning her oven racks in the bath tub with washing powder, thank you!

"I have never been able to get mine so clean ever before! I cannot thank you enough for making this daunting task so simple!"

To prevent the racks from scratching the bath, the mum put a towel down first before pouring washing powder over the top and filling it with warm water.

She added: "Continue adding hot water until oven racks are covered, leave it to sit overnight and then in morning wipe over with steel wool and rinse in cold water."

Meanwhile, another mum posted a video of her effortlessly removing grime from her oven racks after leaving them to soak in washing powder.

Running her hands along the wire rack, the woman was amazed by how the grease just "peeled" away in her fingers.

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And as laundry powder is designed to remove tough food stains and dirt on clothes, it also works to break down grease – but just ensure to thoroughly rinse your oven trays afterwards.

Unsurprisingly, the post racked up hundreds of "likes" in the group and other members started sharing their own tips.

"It's the only way to clean oven racks," one replied. "I also add a big scoop of bicarb to the water."

Another added: "I wish I could put whole oven in the bath!"

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