Cleaning fanatics are using dishwasher tablets to shift stubborn stains from clothes with astonishing results

WE normally just chuck them in with our dirty pots and pans without a second thought – but it turns out, dishwasher tablets can be used for more than just washing up.

While some cleaning fans have been using them to get grimy baking trays and oven doors sparkling, others have even thrown dishwasher tablets into their washing machines to get them a thorough deep clean.

And now they're taking this trend one step further – by using dishwasher tablets to tackle stubborn clothing stains.

Posting on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, one woman explained: "My husband always has black coal and grease on his work clothes."

Although he usually gives his hi-vis clothing a wash at work in their industrial machines, the woman will sometimes give them an "extra soak" at home.

She added: "Today I decided to chuck his work clothes in to wash with four dishwashing tablets.

"I had done the dishwashing tablet clean to my washing machine a few days ago (water was clear so washing machine obviously pretty clean) and thought the same idea might help me with grease and black stuff on his clothes."

As well as sharing before-and-after images of the jackets, the woman also posted pictures of the filthy water in the washing machine.

"'Yuck! It didn't get everything out, but they are much better! I might start sending a few dishwashing tablets to work with him to wash with a bit more regularly now," she said.

Unsurprisingly, the woman's post racked up hundreds of "likes" and comments in the Facebook group.

"I can't wait to try it," one gushed.

"Soak your clothes in a bucket with carpet shampoo, then put the clothes on a normal cycle with laundry liquid," another suggested. "My denim came out like brand new!"

Meanwhile, others suggested using Coca Cola or vinegar to remove greasy stains.

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