Cleaning fan reveals how to get to awkward ‘forgotten’ areas of a radiator that will definitely need scrubbing

THERE'S a fair few areas around the home that are always in need of a scrub and getting in between your radiators is definitely a 'forgotten' area that needs to be tackled.

Getting to the dust that accumulates underneath the grate is always awkward, but one cleaning fan has shared a simple how-to video that will make the job a lot easier.

TikTok user @kingoftheclean, who is known for sharing cleaning tips and tricks online, revealed that the top and sides of your radiator can actually be easily taken apart.

Doing so allows you to get right into the grates where dirt and dust builds up, meaning your radiators can be given the TLC they're probably in desperate need of.

Using a screw driver he prises one side off the radiator, before lifting off the top section to reveal just how much dust and grime was hiding underneath.

To clean, he swears by Flash Traditional Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Bicarbonate of Soda (£3, Wilko) which he sprays all over the grates before scrubbing at the dirt with a sponge.

He then tackles the rest of the radiator with a sponge, before putting the edges of the radiator back in place.

The video has nearly been watched 10k times online and hundreds have liked the cleaning fanatic's post.

"Love this! I definitely need to do mine but didn't know how to take it apart. Now I do… thank you," commented one person.

Another said: "Why did I not know you could do this to a radiator?"

A third was keen to give the trick a go, as they added: "Going to try this, thanks for the tip."

Not everyone was convinced, however, with one person posting: "It's a no from me. There's no way a spider doesn't crawl out of that!!"

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