Christian Dior Tells Fortunes for Its Spring 2021 Couture Collection

Maria Grazia Chiuri is a dream weaver of fairy tales, a designer whose collections often offer elements of fantasy. For her spring 2021 couture collection, the Dior creative director drew inspiration from tarot cards, bringing to life the mystic characters and symbols familiar from the now ubiquitous illustrated decks.

The tarot motif is certainly not new to the storied maison. Dior’s eponymous founder was a superstitious man, often putting his trust in fortune-tellers and carrying lucky charms. Chiuri, too, has referenced tarot images in key looks before, particularly in her spring 2017 debut at the French house and in her resort 2018 collection. Her popular Dior Book Tote also features occult characters.

Working with director Matteo Garrone, Chiuri presented her collection via Le Château du Tarot, a short film shot at the Castello di Sammezzano in Tuscany. It begins with a young woman sitting for a tarot reading in a classic Dior Bar Jacket, before taking a voyage of the mind through the arabesque halls of the Moorish Revival palazzo. There, she encounters characters drawn from the deck, brought to life via majestic Dior couture outfits.

“Each card reflects some aspect, they were selected to tell a story,” Chiuri tells “The Devil represents seduction in some way, actions that could be dangerous to your life. The gaps they go inside in the castle represent different aspects of their personality. She’s just a little bit confused. But then, she finds the right balance for life.”

Along with the Devil, who is dressed in a gold dress with a plunging neckline (seduction, indeed), the heroine encounters Justice, in a prim forest-green gown; the Fool, in a miniskirt and embroidered blouse with billowy sleeves; the Moon, in a razor-front earth-toned frock; the Pope, in a jacquard opera coat over a matching gown; and Death, in a periwinkle-blue sequined dress with a chain-mail veil. “It’s a journey inside of a person, like in a dream,” explains Garrone. “It’s the unconscious of this girl.”

Le Château du Tarot marks the second time that Chiuri has worked with Garrone. The duo first collaborated on an enchanted film for the fall 2020 couture season, which was inspired by Greek mythology. Then, as now, Chiuri and Garrone intended for their collaboration to offer an escape from the doldrums of quarantine. “At this moment, we are all lost with our personal lives,” Chiuri says. “This attraction to magic can help us have hope for the future.”

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