Burnt the bottom of your favourite pot or pan? There’s a 12p trick to clean it – and you probably already have it | The Sun

CLEANING gurus have rushed to help a woman who has been left baffled over how to get the burn marks off the bottom of her pan. 

Taking to social media, the woman explained that she was given a Le Creuset pan as a gift, which can cost anywhere from £150 upwards. 

But, to her dismay, she had accidentally burned the bottom and as they’re so expensive, she begged Mrs Hinch fans for advice on how to fix it. 

“So I have this le creuset pan and I’ve burnt the bottom, how can I get this off without ruining it?” she asked.

“Please help as was a gift and they are so expensive,” she added, followed by a fingers crossed emoji. 

She then attached a photo of the pan, showing the bottom of it looking burnt and slightly scratched. 

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Luckily, Hinch wannabes knew exactly what to do in this situation and flocked to the comments section to share their advice. 

Writing in the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips: “Dishwasher tablet & hot water & leave,” to which another person replied: “Tried this it worked a dream x”. 

“So pleased. You will need to season your pan again with salt & olive oil. Just use kitchen paper,” they added. 

Another person said: “Boiling water and a dishwasher tablet it works”.

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While a third shared: “Water, washing up liquid, simmer on the hob, obviously keep an eye on it x”. 

A pack of 80 Finish dish tablets cost £10 online, which means each individual tablet is just 12p. 

All you have to do is let it dissolve in your pan and let the tablet do all the work, then rinse it out. 

Other cleaning whizzes had some alternative solutions, however, as one person wrote: “Oxyaction stain remover powder and boiling water- when it cools re- boil should lift off in a couple of hours”.

Another shared: “Try soaking with denture tablets”.

And another added: “Boil milk in it”.

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