Bikini-clad Instagram influencer wiped out by wave during cringe ‘cleanse’ video

NOWADAYS, social media "influencers" will go to extreme lengths to get the perfect shot for Instagram, but unfortunately, things don't always go to plan.

A bikini-clad beauty found out the hard way while filming for her fans from the ocean, and she only got a few words in before being wiped out by a wave.

Sitara Hewitt, who is a Meditation Leader and Positivity Coach, was walking out of the ocean after a quick dip while discussing the importance of an "ocean cleanse".

Frolicking in the waves, the brunette beauty films herself saying: "A really powerful thing you can do when you're around the ocean is to just ask the ocean to cleanse and… "

But before she could finish, the health guru gets dunked by an oncoming wave sending her crashing to the ground.

The "cringe" clip has since be shared around online with it providing endless entertainment for the masses.

After watching the clip on an Instagram page dedicated to "Influencers in the wild", one person joked "The ocean heard her call," followed by a laughing emoji.

Meanwhile, another mocked: "The ocean cleansed me like that once. Broke my collarbone."


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