Best Face Cleansers for All Skin Types and Every Budget

A beauty routine is serious business! With foundation, lipstick, face oil, self-tanner, face moisturizer, wrinkle treatments, face wash, eye cream, teeth whitener, eyelash serum and face masks — and we’re not talking about this type of face mask — it is easy to not prioritize how important face cleanser is in to your daily beauty regimen. 

Whether you’re washing your face in the morning to start the day fresh or at night to remove your makeup and any accumulated grime, a good face cleanser is a universal must. And it doesn’t matter if you have acne-prone skin, dry skin or combination skin — face cleanser is an essential beginning for everyone.

Some people like a face wash foam while others prefer bar soaps, and we all want skin that’s devoid of dirt and oil and doesn’t feel tight or stripped when we’re patting our face dry. Luckily, tons of options abound and we’ve listed some of our favorites right here. 

The face cleansers below offer something for every skin type, fit a range of budgets and get the job done exceedingly well. Some are brands you already know and love, while others are new from celebrity brands like Jennifer Lopez’sJLo Beauty, Rihanna’sFenty Skin and Selena Gomez’sRare Beauty. 

Ahead, shop ET Style’s picks of the best face cleansers on the market.

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