Anna Valiki is the Love Island girl with the most perfect bum, according to golden ratio

THE Love Island star with the most perfect bum is Anna Valiki according to the Golden Ratio equation. 

The pharmacist, 30, who was an Islander on Season 5, has been found to have the perfect "Golden Ratio" bum by Dr Alexander Aslani who analysed the bottoms of Love Island stars.  

Fellow Love Island beauties Molly-Mae Hague, Zara McDermott and Olivia Buckland also scored highly based on the theory – a system developed by the ancient Greeks to measure physical perfection.

The ancient Greeks claimed there was a Golden Ratio for all things when they approached perfection.

According to the mathematics of beauty, the "perfect ratio" for the bottom is a mathematical equation known as Phi.

While the ratio was used by Leonardo Da Vinci for the perfect human male body in his famous work the Vitruvian Man, it can actually be applied to anything. 

The idea is that the closer the ratios of a face, body part or room are to the number 1.62, the more beautiful it becomes.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Aslani , who specialises in BBLs, compiled a list to see how Love Island stars' bums matched up, according to the formula. 


Anna Valiki’s bottom is scientifically "perfect", according to the Golden Ratio equation. 

Dr Aslani believes the Love Island beauty, who appeared on the ITV2 dating show in 2019, has the ‘perfect’ bottom proportions. 

He says: “I believe Anna has perfect bottom proportions that are liked by the overwhelming majority of people. 

“Her buttock is a nice round shape and the centered projection is not too high or too low; she also has a very slim waist. 

“Overall, a real success!”


Love Islander Zara McDermott, 24, who appeared on season 4 of the show in 2018, also scored highly according to the formula. 

Dr Frati believes the TV personality, who recently landed her very own BBC Three factual series called 'Zara Uncovers', has a 9/10 bottom according to the ratio. 

He says: "Zara probably has some of the best poses in the group of Islanders. She has a round bottom and excellent fashion tactics.

“Her fashion choices camouflage a longer pelvis which tends to make a bottom appear long and square with a high cut thong.”


According to the ratio, Molly-Mae Hague is another Love Islander with a scientifically "near perfect" bum.

Dr Aslani says: "Molly-Mae has an excellent waist to hip ratio. She’s a great example of where a good waist makes a good bottom.” 


The cosmetic surgeon also believes former Love Island babe Olivia Buckland from season 2 in 2016 has a ‘wonderful’ bottom according to the golden ratio equation. 

Dr Aslani says: "Olivia has a wonderful slim waist which works together with a nice and centred projection of the buttock.”

AMBER GILL – 2:3:3

The surgeon says Amber Gill, Love Island winner from season 5, has a low projection bottom. 

But she still scored highly according to the golden ratio. Dr Aslani says: “Amber has what many people define as a low projection bottom. It's a look that many patients love.

“She has a fantastic waist to hip ratio that means her waist diameter in relation to her buttock projection is great. 

“She also has a bit of a long bottom since her pelvic length is a little bit on the high side which ideally camouflages with a high cut thong.” 


Dr Aslani says Love Island star Gabby Allen’s bum is ‘natural looking with projection’, according to the golden ratio equation.

The cosmetic surgeon comments: “Gabby has the benefit of a relatively short pelvis; it’s still very natural looking with projection.

“She has a great waist to hip ratio. While her toned back makes her waist look very athletic.

“It’s always worth bearing in mind that a good waist is probably more important to the aesthetics of the buttock than the buttocks itself.”


The cosmetic surgeon also commented on Kady McDermott from Love Island’s season 2 – her bottom was given a 3:2:4 ratio using the formula. 

Dr Aslani examined some pictures of Kady and said: “This Islander has good projection in the buttock. 

“She’s another great example of how a high cut thong goes with a longer pelvis shape. 

“A high cut thong is an ideal trick to make a long, slightly square-ish looking buttock appear shorter and rounder, which works excellently for her. 

“The image of the high cut cycling pants also are fantastic to make the buttock look shorter and rounder.”


While season 4 Islander Megan Barton-Hanson also ranked highly according to the Golden Ratio. 

Dr Aslani comments: “Megan is blessed with a rather short pelvic length which is fantastic for the bottom to appear shorter and rounder. 

“And with the perfect pose to put the bottom in the best position on tiptoes, she shows her bottom in the best possible light.”


Maura Higgins from Love Island series 5 in 2019 has ‘natural projection’ in her bottom, says Dr Aslani. 

Using the golden ratio equation, he gave her bottom a scientific 3:3:4 rating. 

He comments: “Maura’s buttock is the perfect example of an athletic looking bottom. She’s a very slim person with moderate and natural projection. 

“She has a very slim ribcage which overall gives her an extremely slim body type.” 


While Love Island star Montana Brown’s bottom was given a similar ratio as Maura’s – and Dr Aslani says the 25-year-old has ‘natural looking volume.’ 

He comments: “Montana is a prototype of an athletic looking bottom. It’s short and round with very natural looking volume.”


While Love Island beauty from series 6, Rebecca Gormley, was given a 2:3:3 rating when Dr Aslani analysed her bottom using the Golden Ratio. 

He says:”Rebecca has an extremely natural buttock.” 

The cosmetic surgeon, who specialises in Body contouring, bikini makeovers and Brazilian butt lifts in Marbella, Spain, believes the waist-to-hip ratio is much more workable and reliable.

He adds: “To judge the outcome of BBL surgery in general, we usually employ something that we call waist-to-hip-ratio.

“It is defined as the smallest diameter of the waist versus the roundest /widest point of the hips in the centre of the buttocks. The smaller the value, the curvier the shape. 

“For example a waist-to-hip-ratio of 1 means the waist is as wide as the hips which is actually a masculine shape and will likely not be considered as attractive by most.

“If the waist is significantly slimmer than the hips, you get a negative waist to hip ratio which is what most people will consider as feminine and attractive.

“The golden ratio works with orthopedic parameters while the waist-to-hip ratio is far easier to visualise and understand for patients. We use it as a reproducible parameter for success of operations.”

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