Alexander Lee Chang Remakes Vans Era as Mountain-Ready Trek Sneaker

San Francisco-born and Tokyo-based designer Alexander Lee Chang always has skateboarding in mind when preparing new collections, which naturally carries over to his creative collaborations with Vans Japan. Chang’s latest effort is unlike his previous laceless efforts, updating the timeless Vans Era with mountain climbing attributes.

Drawing inspiration from hiking boots, Chang has elevated the iconic skate sneaker with a bevy of thoughtful details, yielding a new silhouette that he’s dubbed the “Higera.” Noticably, the Higera sports a washed-out black color scheme, from the eVent-branded heel to the small kiltie beneath the laces. The eVent tech grants the waterproof upper extra breathability, crucial for footwear intended to keep the feet dry.

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Alexander Lee Chang’s collaborative Vans are available on ZOZOTOWN’s page, accompanied by two pairs of mismatched Dickies pants, also designed with Vans to ensure skateboarders can pair the pants and shoes effortlessly.

Meanwhile, Stray Rats recently offered its own take on timeless Vans silhouettes.
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