3 Creative Ways I'm Styling My Pajamas in the House

3 Creative Ways I’m Styling My Pajamas in the House

Working from home while sheltering in place hasn’t exactly been stimulating from a fashion perspective, although I am admiring the consistent mirror selfies from my peers, and I can’t say they haven’t fueled some outfit ideas. Personally, after debuting my crop-top cargo set and dressing up for date night at home — all while in the confines of my 760-square-foot apartment — I needed a change. Scratch that, I needed a style challenge if I didn’t want to officially resort back to my mismatched sweats and faded muscle tees.

Enter: my Kate Spade New York falling flower PJ set. It’s incredibly comfortable, but rather than jazzing it up, I’d been sloppily rolling up the pants and throwing on a cotton sports bra for meditation sessions. But one would argue this co-ord deserves the spotlight. So many influencers have been posting creative ways to dress up PJs, and I was eager to hop on that bandwagon.

I thought about the lonely pieces in my closet that could stand to see the light of day and dreamed up three different easy outfits that instantly brightened my mood — all revolving around the aforementioned PJs. I was able to hold onto a smidgen of comfort just knowing that the PJs at the foundation of my three different looks were the ones I could fall asleep in. But more importantly, I felt a little more like myself, fully living out a few fashion moments even though I was working from home. Scroll through to see my pajama style, then shop my exact coordinates, along with similar pairs that could be dressed up just as adorably.

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