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boho inspired bedroom

Boho bedroom is a decorating style using boho style bedroom called bohemian style. Bohemian style is a style that is unique and classic. The style applied to the boho style is freestyle or the so called contemporary style. According to the story, bohemian style is a style that originated from a nomadic tribe that is always live movably the Gypsy. This force does not have characteristics or certain patterns, this style tend to be irregular and uncertain. All styles can be done spontaneously. So with this style you can make your heart’s content. Although it is impressed irregular and disorganized, but this style also has a very high aesthetic value, this style can be referred to as anti-mainstream style.

Boho bedroom is a concept that is simple but unique. Although this style is not fancy style, this does not make this style look petty, but it shows a tacky style actually and a more distinct and unique. Objects that you can use to apply it this is objects which are made from materials as simple as you can use a mattress rattan, wood which would also not costly to buy. For other accessories you can add a wooden table, plastic, glass of rattan, a former closet or other things that you can mix in your room.

boho bedroom furniture

Boho bedroom style for your boho’s bedrooms wall you can decorate the irregular color iridescent. Giving a unusual color touch decorations on the walls of the room by applying a chessboard-style painting, rainbow and other motifs seem different and strange is a good one. In addition you can also add other furniture such as flowers hanging, mirror or a poster or a particular painting that you can stick to the walls of your room.

Boho bedroom, the decoration articles used is usually natural or ethnic style. For example, by adding flowers or greenery plant into your room is a good idea also. You also can apply tiled floors or you could choose a brown wooden floor that will give natural impression coupled with style carpet unfurled Gypsy it will certainly make you feel like living in mobile Gypsies.

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